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This week my guides wanted to touch further on mirror work so, this channeling is a continuation in a way from The Cracked Mirror (Reflections) channeling in may. I had mentioned about this briefly in the Mystic Minds video on Shadown work. If you would like to see that, it will be posted at the end of this channeling. 


It is to dive into your heart to find where your true essence resides. You are so magnificent and the love you hold within you is palpable. When you look in the mirror, do you see the love reflecting back to you? Your heart is your truth. It is your connection to what you know to be true. Love. Only Love is real when all other layers get stripped away. It is love that you are and love you shall remain to be. The tether of love connects all creatures, all beings, all existence. You are divine creation, sparked from love and the eternal flame of love resides within you.

You may look in the mirror and see your face staring back at you, but look deeper child of love, look into those eyes, look into your soul. See inside of your magnificence. You want to heal dear one? It starts by looking into the eyes of your own soul and seeing the true you. Unlock this doorway to your soul, see yourself in this physical expression, then reach beyond it. Look at yourself dear one, as you are. Look in the mirror. Look into the mirror of your soul and find your true divinity staring back at you. Let the conditioning of the world fall away as you shed the falsities, and shine your true nature.

Beyond those eyes lives a shining essence, a being of light and love. One who is wise beyond time. Whose story lives on into eternity. Who is far greater then time gives you understanding of. It is when you shed your human form you know the unity, the power, and the thread of love that connects all things. You can glimpse into this window, into the eyes of your face. Can you see your soul smiling back at you? You are so beautiful, you are such a unique expression of magnificence and we love you dearly.

Look into your eyes dear one, get to know the soul within. Know the true you. Look beyond your judgments, beyond your perceived flaws and see that you are no different from another. You are loved, a unique expression of love incarnate. You choose your form, to show the world your unique expression. You need not be anything other than who you are. Shine bright with the flame of love. When you are ready dear ones, look in and see. See past your perceived imperfections and into you. If you find this difficult to do, move one layer at a time. See and acknowledge each piece as it presents itself to you, and as you do this, you cast off layers of perceived imperfection so that you may get to the core of Who You Are.

 Heal through the layers, find the light past the conditioning, and see yourself as we know you to be, divinely magnificent and a radiant light of love. Heal through your shadow in this way. Honor what needs to be seen and heard, wash away the falsities that diminish your ability to shine the light that you are. You are never alone in this, as we are here to help. All you have to do is start. Look beyond dear ones and remember the magnificent light that you are. Your heart is your compass follow its direction.

We love you



Here is the video on Shadow work! 

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