The Cracked Mirror (Reflections)


This week my main guide (I call him P,) wanted to share a message.

Life is precious and fleeting dear ones, in every moment, in every breath you experience your physical reality. A place that feels so dense and slow from what you are used to. You chose this incarnation, your face, your body, able or unable as you would say. None of this design is by accident, you chose your blueprint. With that you see is a foundation, the start of your physical incarnation. As you grow, you take ownership and with that you alter as you see fit, all in all this is still your physical form, yes scars and all. 

My question for you is who are you beyond this form? Who do you see inside of your body, this blueprint you have created is beautiful but it is not who you are. It is but one of your many faces. Your physical is a product of your choice, your design, it is a product of Earth, your ancestors, the elements and of who you have been. The soul is wise, it is bigger, far greater than the mind and body perceive. This body you are in is one aspect of the true you. 

Enjoy the pleasures of the physical form but understand you are far greater. When you walk through the Forrest and you feel the life in nature, this reflects life in you. You are connected to all things, it is like looking into a cracked mirror. All different pieces show a part of exsistance, the Ocean is one piece, the Forrest in another, the Stars shining back through another cracked piece, Animals, Fish, Microbes, Sky, all these images reflecting in the different pieces make up the bigger reflection of you. You are connected to all these forms of life and they to you. They are you, they are your ancestors and they are life. 

Some try to put this under a microscope to find one component, that one missing link that connects us all, all life in all realms, in all plains of exsistance but, this can not been seen under a microscope. It is perceived with your soul, it is a inner knowing-ness that is known/felt/understood within you. Science can not see what is not physical, it has no way to measure knowing-ness. This is a sense that comes with the soul. 

When you look into a pond, on the surface you see your reflection. You are like this pond, you encompass all the components of what is beyond your reflection, your reflection, your beauty and all that encompasses is just the face of who you are. You are a ocean of deep mystery and life, you are the forests, the sky the starts in the universe and much more. The full potential of what I wish to express to you goes beyond the words we have to share. 

You see your physical form, you know this is but one face of many. You perceive to some degree the depth of who you are beyond this physical form you have chosen and the reason I wish to express through you today is to share the message that you are far greater than you perceive. I ask for you to honor who you are, honor your past and honor your path. Honor those who helped get you to where you are today and know that you too play this role for others. You all are one big matrix on Earth and you create for your ancestors yet to come. Honor yourself, honor your space and know that you are a part of the Greater, even in your compact form of greatness in the now.

When you look at your reflection again, see beyond your face, your hair your cloths. See into your eyes dear ones and perceive your soul, sense the soul within. With that you will sense the soul in all things and know that your brothers and sisters are all around you. They are you and in turn you are them. See your Oneness, look at all the pieces of the cracked mirror. Now take a step back and see that all these pieces make up you. Reflect your true beauty and light dear ones. You are so beautiful. 

With Love,


Alyssa MillerComment