Message from Bear Spirit about Courage and Integrity

Hi Everybody!

As I sat in meditation ready to receive this weeks message, Bear wanted to share some medicine with all of us. He said this is a time where people are waking up to their power and need more encouragement to own who they are, to be courageous and brave. Here is his full message.

Being courageous does not mean you are fearless but that you act in integrity despite the fears inside you. Fear is what holds people back from owning their true greatness. Fear is a natural part of your human form, it works to keep you alert and protected, but what life is lived sheltered from adventures? Do not be afraid to be courageous, to step through your fear and into your power. You are a strong and powerful light inside your form. you know that this physical form is but one part of your magnificence. Own your power.

Take back what it is you feel you have lost or given away. You truly give nothing away but energy. Things become hidden inside of you. when you give your power away it is the energy you give to fuel that power in another. Your power still lives within you, it just lies dormant until you fuel it with energy again. Own who you are, be your powerful self. Nobody on the planet is just like you and in that you are a unique piece to the puzzle of life. Your piece matters and helps shine the bigger picture by you holding your own. It is time to own your place, own your power and express yourself. Be courageous, your light is part of the bigger picture. Shine in who you are, the world needs your unmatched uniqueness, it helps show others that it is OK for them to shine too.

Living a life in integrity may seem difficult because of the pressures of what is deemed appropriate from the judgments placed on yourself, your peers, society and so on. Many work more on trying to "fit in" rather than being who they are. Your puzzle piece is unique to you. trimming your edges or adding pieces does not reflect you with integrity. You are too unique to be like another, having similarities is great but you, you are different, you are meant to be your own piece. Again you are a part of the bigger puzzle, if you trim your edges, add and remove to fit next to another, this is not honoring yourself with integrity. Your soul group are your neighboring pieces and they click to you just fine. See, You are perfect in who you already are. 

Have the courage to be yourself, to live your truth with integrity. Be bold, shine bright and don't worry about fitting in. You do not need to change who you are. Your neighboring pieces know you and love you for who you are. All pieces connect together, don't change who you are to be accepted by another, eventually you will feel out of place and come back to the true you. Love yourself and your uniqueness. You fit right in and are perfect just the way you are. 

Big Bear Hugs!

Alyssa MillerComment