Changing The Energy Of Anxiety And Worry

Hi Everybody! 


This weeks message is from one guide in my spirit team. She wanted to share this message for all of us.

     Anxiety comes from trying to control a situation you have no control over, it stems from worry and is a waste of your precious energy dear ones. You build this ball of sticky energy within you when you hold onto worry and anxiety. This energy can be used for many creative things if you would allow this energy to be channeled from you. You see, not everything in life is in your hands and what a relief that is. You do not need to control all things, you are responsible for your energy alone, that is what you bring into the world. You bring your energy, your creativity, your hopes and dreams, you weave your energy into the tapestry of life just as all others do.

     You are not responsible for what your neighbors do, you focus on what patterns you weave in this lifetime. What image you want to leave behind, like patchwork on a quilt, what image do you want to leave for those that follow? Will you leave an empowering image? A peaceful one? An image of strength? Will you leave and image of confusion? Will it be unfinished? The image you leave is an imprint of who you were in this lifetime. What image do you want to been seen as? What represents the true you? This is how you spend your energy. In the reflection of the true you. Create the image of what you want to leave behind, how you want to be remembered. This is your life, you choose what your patch on the quilt of of humanity will look like, how it is represented and in turn how generations after will see you. 

     You live this lifetime for yourself but, you also pave this road for the descendants yet to come. You play so many vital roles on a day to day basis that you must decide what is worth your time and energy and what my dears ones is not. Anxiety and worry are a waste of your energy. They are pent up balls of energy burning a hole within you. Use that energy to create. Step away from those feelings that repeat and do nothing for you. Instead use those energies to work your magic, to manifest a desired outcome rather than sit in a ball of boiling anxiety.

     In your life you have so many options, you have the free will to choose what it is you want. You can bring about your desires with thought, feeling, intention and especially expression. Knowing this why waste that energy on anxiety and worry? Remold that ball of clay to shape what it is you desire my loves. Create what it is you want to see and experience. If you see you have no control over a situation or circumstance than walk away from it. Your energy and time are so precious dear ones, use it well. Own who you are, your energy, your power, your beauty, all of it and be yourself. Work and create what you want with your energy, use it in a way that benefits you and your desires. We are always here to help. You are never alone, you have allies in spirit always by your side. Knowing this, how will you utilize your energy? What will you create and how will you respond to circumstances in your life? Knowing you are responsible for your energy, your emotions, your desires and will you work your energy? What image will you leave behind on the quilt? Live your light dear ones and let is shine through you, this lifetime and all lifetimes.




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