Ganesha Speaks about Manifesting with Clarity


So glad to have to you here and thank you for being open to receive! This week Ganesha wanted to speak about manifesting with clarity.

When you send your message out to the universe be clear, feel it with clarity and know the power in simplicity. Do not muddy your wish with multiple additions, put it clear and concise. You attract in response to your desire, the clearer you are the more clear the outcome. When you place an order that is clear and understandable you send your message on a line of clean communication. If you want to order something at your favorite restaurant and you give a incomplete or complicated order, this is what you will receive. For example you want a sandwich, simple yet, as the order is placed you change what you want on it, you want to add this or remove that and so on.  Your order will take more time and may not be exactly what you wanted in the end. 

You see the universe only responds to what it is you send out. It reflects back to you like a mirror. There is no judgement, it is just response to your message, your desire. Upon return are you happy? Are you satisfied? This is where the judgement comes in, from you dear one. If you do not like the outcome, change it. Speak in clarity of your desires, your wishes, hopes and dreams. The universe works in partnership with you. It is like the magic Genie you ask your wishes to but with out any trickery. (laughing) It is just responding to your vibrational signature and the signature of the message or request. What you put out you do indeed receive.

This you call the law of attraction is really a mirror of your thoughts and desires. It is not a separate entity, it is of you, it is the collective of all. Speak simply and speak clearly, this is the fast track to manifestation dear ones ClarityIt is not a game or a joke at your expense, it is a response to you, the reflection back to you. There is no judgement, if you do not like it, you change it. No judgments, no favorites, just reflection back to you.

Ask for what you want, create your dreams and speak your desires. This life is yours dear one, you live it, you experience it and above all you create it......So what is it you want to create? Speak clearly, feel it and know it to be true. More than that know it is on its way to you. Be patient and be clear, this partnership with all is an experience and a lesson in understanding. Shine your light and be clear about your desires. Do not try to control, just feel it as true and allow this to come to you. 


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