The Unfolding Lotus


Thank you for being open to receive this message from Quan Yin.

The unfoldment of your path is unlike any other, no comparison is needed. You have walked many lifetimes before this, you have felt your toes in the soil, the sand and on the shores. Your soul is ancient beautiful one and your walk is one of many. Honor where you are and the path you follow, others may join you on your path but they will not walk it for you. Your path is sacred to you, the judgments of others shall fall away like dried petals of a flower. You must be brave to walk your path true to you. Acknowledge that at times you may walk it alone, no one by your side, no one to hold your hand in the physical. Beautiful one, no one will truly see your path no matter the description you give them, it is unique to you, as if it only recognizes your footprint, your signature. As souls incarnate you have amazing experience to feel the highs and experience the lows, to touch with your skin the skin of another, to smell a flower. Experiencing such sensations is the joy of incarnation, to bring forth your scent, to blossom and show your beauty, to be among the field of flowers. You are so unique, so beautiful and no bloom matches the beauty of yours. Blossom beautiful ones. 

Remember that when you feel down, the Lotus rises from the mud and shines immense beauty, expresses its unique sent and is not afraid to shine, rising from the darkness through the deep cooling waters and up to the surface she goes, uninhibited, she leaves behind that place of darkness and reaches toward the light to shine her immense beauty. She honors where she has been and allows it to be released from her because her growth in that space is done. Rise beautiful ones, from the dark depths that keep you from shining, honor that place in which you were and give thanks for the richness in the mud, for it gave you the nutrients you needed to rise above through the cleansing waters up to the sun to shine. You must work to develop and grow through your mud, you must let the water cleanse and lift you until you reach the surface for your breath, to open and shine. 

You may see others with you in the mud, you may encourage them to break free, but you must understand each seed grows at its own pace. If you blossom before them honor this. This is your path and you must honor your growth. Others, you will leave behind and others are waiting to greet you. Do not be afraid to move forward. You have come here to accomplish a great many things and cannot expect others to understand for they are not you beautiful one. Love those who walk with you, while they walk with you and know that all walk their own path, follow their own journey and when the paths merge you walk together, but when they separate it is for a reason just like the lotus of the mud. When you are ready you rise above and this can mean leaving others behind. Your growth, journey and success are yours beautiful one. Honor Who You Are. Learn to release when the time is calling you too. Move in your flow, dance your unique dance and share who you are with the world.

By honoring yourself, the place you are in and the places you have been, you honor your purpose, your goals and your aspirations. You honor you. It is safe to release and walk away from what does not serve you. The lotus must release from the mud to shine in the Sun. Do not let anything hold you back. Shine. Shine your beauty for the whole world to see, you are unlike another and your light and beauty are needed. You have more support than you may see and it is love that reminds you who you are, it is courage that helps you become who you want to be, and it is truth that helps you see the divine connection in all things.

 Honor your place beautiful ones, live from love, be courageous and speak your truth. Walk your path with these values in your soul and the guiding light will show you where to go.

With love, courage and truth.

Quan Yin 

Alyssa MillerComment