Power of the Mind


Thank you for being open to receive this message! 

The power of your mind is so complex and intricate, do you consciously think your thoughts? Or do you let them race through your head with abandon? Your mind is the same make up as the Universe, Firing off energy in every direction. It is no coincidence that your neurons mimic the Universe, It is as though there is a mini universe inside of you. These frequencies speak to the greater Universe in which you reside, almost as if its a mini computer within a greater computer. What are you computing? What are your thoughts dear one? What is it that troubles you? What is it that brings you joy? What is it about your thoughts that you make manifest?

Your mind and the Universe speak the same language, your feelings and thoughts send messages to the Universe, computations if you will. You are sending out requests like shooting stars every moment you live and breathe. You are never in a state where you are not manifesting, this is the workings of energy, it never dies and is Omnipotent. Your mind and the Universe are one, when you accept that you are part of this, you own more of your power and with that, you are more aware of what it is you are responsible for. You as humans are so silly, your thoughts run free, like wild horses, some beautiful and cooperative, others with reckless abandoned. Imagine if you will, all horses working in sync, living in harmony with one another. What great accomplishments can be achieved? The flow that can follow and the smooth cooperation it can create.

You battle so many fights in your mind, so many of them unnecessary, some are even as little as what to eat? I ask you, when you get into the battles of the mind, to ask your body for truth, your body does not lie, your heart and emotions do not lie. You have so many tools to make your horses cooperate but many of you stick with the same whip, beating over and over until something breaks. It is not to break but to understand that is important. Your body intelligence dear ones is just as important as your mental facilities. You are complexity upon complexity and the best part of it all is...the communication between complexities is so simple. It is the whip, that doubting and continuous beat down of yourself and others that breaks the communication. You are more than your mind, you are Soul, you are body., you are a complex make up of beautiful magic and you must care for all the pieces and parts of you. 

Do not let your thoughts run away with your power, listen to your bodies, your hearts and your beautiful Soul. You have such amazing tools at your disposal, use them. Be conscious, be aware of what you are sending to the Universe. How is your mind universe communicating with the big Universe? How is the macro working with the micro and vice versa? You dear one are responsible for you. Your thoughts, your actions, your feelings.....If you see that you are always transmitting and receiving AND the Universe is always receiving and transmitting...What signals do you want to send out? What is your message? What is it you desire? Remember that all is reflected back to you. Be the transmitter and receiver of your perfect life.  


Alyssa MillerComment