Why and How

Thank you for being here! I believe that this is a continuation to touch on last weeks power of the mind. Many blessings to you!

The tinkerings of your mind take you to the places far beyond what the physical eye can see. It is in your mind where things are created, you live so much in this mind space and less in your physical world. Your mindscape is a reality all in its own that effects the physical reality in which you live. You dream an idea into life, it all starts in the mind, the minds connection to all that is, the cosmos and far beyond.

The physical body experiences the 3rd dimension but is to receptive to the dimensions far beyond. You see it is the mind that most of you live in. These beautiful mindscapes that so rarely become your physical reality out of fear, doubt, judgement or what have you. The world thought I was crazy until I was genius. My mind saw far beyond the stars on our little planet here. It was expansive in my head, much of the world around me fell to pieces for I lived in my mind space much of the time. The judgement of crazy comes from those who can not perceive your mind space, this fertile ground of pure potential, the missing key.....putting it into action.

Your imagination as you call it is limitless, it is pure consciousness firing off in many directions connecting this map of your mind. All seems crazy until it is proven. Many will not understand and that is OK, it is not a process of seeking approval from others that gratifies your work or ideas. It is about exploring deeper, reaching farther and asking the questions of why? and how?

Your minds can dream up so many things and in this space of pure potential, so many things possible. You get stuck in the how?...explore the why? Fill it up with your curiosity and explore why this would be a wonderful thing to bring to fruition, the how comes with time.(laughing) Seeing as I was "one of the greatest minds of your time" I find it so funny that only after the matter, things are better understood. You see, it takes one brave step forward and many stumbles that bring the how about. You will succeed and you will fail but never will you be a failure. You must push your limits, expand your mind and allow your mindscape to dream. This you can turn into reality, you may get dirty from falling first but, when you continue to dream and ask questions of why?, the how will come to you.

Dream Big...A.E


Alyssa MillerComment