Releasing the Shackles

Hi everybody! 

This week's channeling is from my spirit guides ♡  I feel this message not only speaks to me, but to those who read it as well. Sometimes we can be the ones who hold ourselves back, even unintentionally.  This week's message helps bring understanding to incarnation ♡ please read and share if you feel this really hit home for you♡

To fly you must be willing to release the shackles that hold you down. We see how hard it is for Humanity at this time and we know just how hard you work to hold your light. You Are Not Alone dear one as we hold the light with you. We shine our lights a little brighter to help boost you when you are feeling low. We know this is no easy task for you, the body although miraculous and magnificent can also be intricate and heavy. It is a decision you make to reincarnate and you do this knowing that it weighs down like armor. The decision to reincarnate is never taken lightly as you know the impact on the soul as well as the body. You know it to be brave, but you also know that this is a role you play.

 You see, even from our perspective, in our dimension, one still greatly cares about the evolution of the planet. This is why you return again and again. You make the greatest change while in your physical form. It is hard to sit idly by waiting for others to ask for help, then when they do receive the requested help, the variety of responses can be a whole nother game on its own. We are always ready to give our assistance, all you must do is ask. Without expectation, be open to receive. Sometimes it is not always the answer you want to hear or, the answer may involve steps you simply may not be ready or willing to take. None-the-less your desire for growth is a pull to incarnation. We admire and support you brave and courageous Souls, for taking on a heavy burden with light in your heart. We support you from the sidelines, we see and experience what you do, just to a lesser extent. We hear your cries, share in your sorrows and see the light that you are. We know why you are here.

 We see the powerful Soul you are and have yet to see for yourself. Who do you think you are beyond your flesh and bone dear one? Beyond your physical makeup? Who are you? Your body is animated with the essence of who you truly are. You are magic far beyond your current comprehension. Even in your physical form, you are Stardust and Earth. You have yet to find the even more miraculousness of your form. Earth and humanities evolution will grow far and wide, the metal armor you wear now will feel like Leathers in the future.

 You are becoming light bodies in your evolution and although it is quite the process, humanity has already taken steps. Even in your physical form you can reach out to Spirit, you can touch us, even though it is brief. As humanity involves and grows, the separation between us shall diminish and your souls will incarnate wiser and more awake as you call it. Do not judge your process dear ones, as every step you take leads you closer to this understanding. Know that no step forward is a failure and that no step backwards is a loss. You are where you need to be to grasp the growth of your own evolution as a soul. You see the Earth is the mixing pot of soul evolution, some of you have walked the soil many, many times. You are no stranger to this experience of human incarnation. Some of you are newer to this experience and this is what makes your human evolution so interesting.

 Your soul is no stranger to the experience of incarnation, you have been before, many different forms, some beyond what you would even consider an evolutionary step but, it is one none the less. You are not the only planet with life and the life on your planet alone, is far greater than your current understanding. To put things into a greater perspective, to release the shackles for the bird's eye view, you are multi-dimensional, you are consciousness that is boundless and vast. You share more than you may understand, and your separateness is an illusion. Your physical body has limitations but your soul body does not. Your soul body, Soul Essence is who you are.

 It is your soul that drives your body. The soul is behind the wheel. Your body is not a vehicle of expression without the soul. You are greater than you think you are and, you are braver than you think you are. It is no easy task to take on the body, but you know in your soul that you are a catalyst for change, for evolution. With that you want to help humanity grow with the light that is you. So, when you're feeling low beautiful one remember, that you are a lightness in form, that you are multi-dimensional essence in form, and you knew before you chose this form that the unique being that is you, would bring about your gifts for humanity's evolution as well as your own. Cast off the shackles that hold you hostage and know that you are here to learn, teach and, grow. Together you will accomplish great things. Shine your unique light and be the truest expression you came to Earth to be. We have you from here. When you need help remembering who you are, ask, let us remind you. Sit with us in the stillness and let us remind you of just how amazing you truly are.

We love you dear ones.


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