Bee has been a very present influence in my life lately and this week's message comes from Bee spirit.

Like a bee to the hive, community is so very important. You may walk your path in solidarity but it is the community that creates the hive. It is the community that creates the honey. It is within you and your partnerships that creates your world around you. You are in communion with Gaia, flora and fauna. You are one piece of a greater whole that is the world you live in. You are responsible for yourself alone but, your actions reflect on you. Your contributions to society reflect on you. You may walk your path and solidarity, and the actions you take but, those actions reach beyond you in so many ways.

 You, in beauty and light, share the space with all of life, the blades of grass beneath your feet, the air in your lungs, the flowers and trees. All are connected and all have wisdom to share. Yes dear one, you will make your choices that affect solely you but also, you will make choices that affect for eons beyond this breath in your lungs. It is the awareness that helps you build your responsibility. It is within your awareness, that you make the different choices. Years ago it was the community that thrived as a whole, suffered as a whole, and healed as a whole. Each individual was a part of this whole, they knew the connection. You dear one are whole in mind, body and spirit but, do you see your place in the greater whole?

 Do you see your place as sacred and the tribe? Your contributions valuable and needed? You must move beyond this idea that your actions choices and decisions only affect you alone. Your choices also affect the world beyond your breath, beyond your incarnation. When you cut the tree down for warmth or shelter,  do you see that the life of that tree has been taken for purpose? You have warmth and shelter but that tree would have produced oxygen for generations to come.

 You must see that your actions affect the whole, even if in only a minute way. Your actions and choices have far-reaching effects. You must live in the now but, you also must hold the wisdom in mind and heart when taking these actions. You will walk this soil again as a descendant yet to come. Welcome yourself and loved ones back to a harmonious place with Gaia, with Humanity, with animal, flora and fauna, rock and stone. Life is yours to choose as you may dear one but, how will your choices change when you see community over I?

Remember you are connected to all that has been, all that is and, all that will be, feel this connection. You are responsible for yourself and not of another but, to heal and hold all as sacred is to hold the eye of community and to acknowledge your place in the whole. Live your life with integrity in the choices you make. Your breath matters, as do your steps. It is within you that great change can be found. It is outside of you that the effects are known. Know that even a single bee creates change but, as a community they create a greater change. They are a force.

 Live as one beautiful ones, be the bee in solidarity who also knows its contribution to the hive. You matter, your choices and actions matter, and you are a force for great change. Know who you are in wholeness and know your connection to community.

Alyssa MillerComment