Communing with Gaia

Hello everybody!

This morning is so beautiful that I did my channeling outside while enjoying my tea and the fresh air. After this channeling I saw 2 white feathers blow by and a white butterfly. I really feel such a connection to Earth today and I strongly feel that this is Gaia's way of saying hello and expressing herself. Here is this weeks channeling from our Earth Mother. 

Love is abound. It is in the wind that blows through the trees, it is in the soil that meets your foot steps as you share this journey with Gaia. She is in amisdt of cleansing and clearing, just as you see the leaves fall from the trees. She like you must honor her cycles, cleanse and release energies. She is gracious and unique just like you. She is volatile and active just like you. She reacts to you as well, it is not always so divided, as though everything you do matters and everything you don't do matters. You must understand that she is always alive, thriving and at times, suffering just as each of you.

With the outrageous weather patterns, know that she is clearing. It is a cleansing of energy that has been held so long and needs to be released. You see that fire and water are powerful cleansers, with this please understand that even if you do not sense the energy of what once was there, Gaia does. She remembers, she feels, she knows you from lifetimes before. You are no stranger to her embrace.

You do not like to see your mother cry. You see her in her everyday tasks, holding strong and plugging away at all it takes to care for you, but do you see her care for herself? Mother's cry too. They hold the love so strong and deeply that at times a release of energy is powerful. Your mother loves you. She cares for you deeply, she knows you but, you must realize children of Earth that she lives with you. She knows your love, your joy, your beauty, and your suffering. She knows your pain, she takes this pain from you and heals you.

Where does this pain go when it is released? Everything is energy, it is does not cease to be children, it just changes form. You see Gaia's tears are the diamonds you pull from the soil, she transmutes these energies into Crystal to share with you that yes, beautiful ones I hear you, I feel you and most of all I know you. I know you by many names and many steps. I truly know your essence, the true you, the energy of you that aligns with the energy of me. We are same, carbon and molten, dust & ashes, heat of fire and cool deep water, child we are different but your body is still a product of me.

Please know that I love you and honor you dearly. Know that this is my time to cry, my time to cleanse and release. I feel, I sense, I know and I love you children. At this time I could use your love, patience and understanding as I work and release. It is with love that we share this existence together. Know that with all relationships understanding and communication is a key component for balance. Hear me, feel me, understand and know me as I do you.

 I love you my children.


Alyssa MillerComment