Viewing Power in a Different Light

Hi Everybody!

This week my guide P wanted to speak more about personal power.

Do not fear standing in your power. Is it that you are afraid of what you may do? The actions you may take out of haste or emotional outburst? Power is not an encompassing, possession that takes you and corrupts you. It is substance of your soul. To own your power is to own you. It is to be in control for yourself. It is time to view power in a different light.

It is not the "power" to control another, but to harness the magic, the connection and true essence you hold. Power does not corrupt, fear corrupts. Fear is seeing yourself as weak, feeble or helpless, I assure you, you are not. Fear is the control you think that power has, but dear one, power is the light within you. The luminous being connected to all things. When you leave your human form, you take your power with you. It is a piece of you that never ceases to be. 

When you use the term "to give your power away", this is to say...I withhold my light because I fear. I fear yours may be stronger or, I fear that I may not be good enough, bright enough, powerful enough. All these thoughts are illusions of hopelessness and inadequacy. Your light within is not different from another. How bright your light shines is up to you. You are no better, no worse, you are equal. The only difference is how you tend to your light. How do you honor yourself, your soul and, the magnificence you are?

Caring for yourself should not be a chore dear one. The pleasures of life help keep you balanced, happy and well. So many of you, give all your peace and joy away to sustain another. You must love yourself first, honor yourself first. It is beautiful to love and care for others,  do so, but not at the expense of yourself. You dear one, live within your corporeal form. You must honor all it takes to honor thyself. When was it you felt unworthy? When did the needs of others outweigh the need of yourself? When you honor yourself, your needs, you honor the power of you. Share and spread light, but not at the expense of dimming your own.

One flame can light many fires. Be a spark to light a flame and remember to always tend to your own dear one. This is not selfish, this is self care. We see many of you spread so much light to help tend another's fire that yours becomes weak and dim. Fuel your fire, own your power and know that this fiery power within you is a catalyst for change. First you need to tend to that fire to harness it for change. Own your power, own your light. You are magnificent.


Alyssa MillerComment