The Energy of Anger

Hi everybody!

This is a channeled message from my guides, they touch a bit on an older channeling about anxiety and worry from a few months back, please do read it when you get time♡

     Anger comes when you feel out of control of a situation. Anger is the cousin of worry and anxiety. Anger is the illusion you carry when you think you have control over a person or a situation. This emotion strikes deep in many people, and they express it in a vast variety of ways, some get violent, as though this emotion possesses their entire being, while others may cry or transfer that energy into a positive state of being. This is not to say that feeling anger is bad, in fact it is a great motivator for change. For example charities and food banks, people were upset to see wasted food so their anger of the situation caused them to create a program for good.

 It is when this emotion, this state of being becomes all-consuming, that you lose sight of the way out. All emotions are triggers, and with the negative emotion, it triggers a wound within you that is still being healed. Emotions are brilliant catalysts for change. Once you ascend from your earthly form you will experience emotions in a different way. You will still have emotions, but the heavy ones of anger, jealousy, and hatred are a rare find. You see, emotions are the first language, it is that connection of the heart, that connects you to all things. Your heart is your center between the subtle world and the physical world. Emotions are deeply understood at a level that words cannot express. Emotions and empathy are a part of your being, it is natural.

 Dealing with anger is the hardest emotion to free yourself from. This seed being planted poisons the soil and all that grow within it. Anger is consuming, it is destructive, and when not corrected with actions or outlets, it can cause illness and harm to yourself as well as others. When you correct or harness this energy for change, you can do wonderful things. You see anger holds fire in it, when held onto it burns you but, when used for change you can create with it. Many swords are forged in fire, many tools are forged in fire, so instead of burning yourself or another forge yourself a tool for change. Forge a hammer to build a better result than destruction through an out-of-control flame. Use your fire for change, to bring good and to bring beauty to the world. 

Much of the time your emotions can be triggered by an external source, and to be in control of your triggers shows you that you are mastering that inner fire. To not let others set your fire a blaze but, for you to confidently carry your torch owning your fire, owning your emotions. Shadow work is a way to control your emotional triggers, it is a way for you to see that you can stand back and be the observer of these triggers, and not be set off by them. The human form comes with many gifts and it is when you learn to alchemize those intense emotions within you, that you become the Magician of your life. We ask you dear ones, step back from the outrage, the anger, hostility, and hatred. We asked you to use the powerful fire within you, to be a warrior of change. Master this within yourself and harness your magic, you are not that emotion, but you are the energy fueling it. This is not to disassociate and act as though it never exists, it is to see that you can use these energies how you choose, and you can use these energies for good.

 Be a catalyst for change! 

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