The Energy of Sorrow and Lonliness

Hi Everybody!

This week I wanted to share with you a message from my guide P. I asked him about the energy of sorrow and loneliness and this was his response.

     Dear one, these emotions are not healed with a magic wand but, by bringing light into this dark space in your mind and heart. You must be willing to look at these emotions within you, ask yourself the hard questions and be willing to see the answers. For sorrow, you grieve those who have seemingly left you, you mourn the inability to hold this person, to see their smile and hear their voice but they are never far from you.

     The body you are used to seeing just housed the energy that is your loved one. It is your signature of recognition for them. Think beautiful one, about how that persons energy felt, how you felt being in their presence. This is their signature, their essence. Each of you have had many faces over many lifetimes yet, your soul signature stays the same. You grieve the loss of the coat this soul used to wear. You grieve in the perception that this person is lost to you and I promise you dear one, they never cease to be, their energy just as yours lives on into eternity and together you both will be. Your loved ones live, they thrive in an exsistance where limitations cease to be. They pick up their true nature of expansiveness.

     The sorrow and loneliness is getting used to change, to breaking through the illusions you have been accustomed to. If you see it, you believe it but, what about if you feel it? Feelings are a truer sense of reality than trusting in vision alone. You may not see your loved ones after they have passed but have you had the sense of them? have you recognized something familiar? A feeling? A knowing? This is a true vision, one that steps out beyond the physical sight into the spiritual perception, spiritual sight. The reality of this is that your loved ones never truly leave you, and that the connection you have will never fade. Love is and always is.

     Now loneliness, this dear one, frankly is a state of mind. A state of depression that your mind spins you in, wrapping you in the illusion that you are alone. You are never alone. Many exist beyond your physical perception and this is why it is helpful to know the energy, and not the physical perception or manifestation of that energy. loneliness is not just the absence of people but also the inability to see that there is a matrix of life all around you. Life lives and thrives with each breathe you take. With each passing moment souls come and go, plants grow and then are cut down and with every passing moment the world speaks. IT speaks as wind through the trees, the crashing of ocean waves, the creatures of land, air and sea. Life is all around you, and you dear one, are a part of this matrix in your physical form as well as removed from your physical form.

     Lonely is a state of mind, a perception of lone-ness, not one-ness. All is oneness. You are never truly alone. Remove the a.l and see that it is one, or add an a.l.l its up to you (he laughs) but know that the world beyond your physical sight is far greater and more vast than the world in which you perceive now. Remove the limitation and lack mindset. Allow your soul to expand and connect into the beauty and life that is around you. When you connect with this energy you will know that you are never alone. You will cast off the limitation of seeing is believing, you will feel, you will know that being is believing.

     Your lives on Earth are so short when you see from a wider perspective. Allow yourself to be vast, to be expansive and know dear one, that you are never alone. Sorrow and loneliness are a temporary state of mind that is released when you allow yourself to sense and the love that surrounds you. 

With Love



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