Mind, Body, Soul Garden

Hello everybody,

This week's message is from my conversation with Archangel Azreal. I feel many of us struggle with some of the same issues, so I feel this may help you as well. Lots of love.

Death of an old way of being must first be completed before a new life can emerge. It is to let things go, fully and completely before the new can thrive. Most of the way just won't do, it must be done to renew. To live a new way of life, first you must give up old habits and old patterns. Be willing to fully release these habits and patterns, allow them to be laid to rest so that the seed of hope and change within, can be planted in the nourishing soil of the decay of the old. You see beautiful ones, you have far more control over your lives than you may realize. You write your story day by day and it is in your willingness to create change that provides the soil for the new to flourish. The leaves that fall from the trees are the death of that life, but in turn, nurtures the soil for the roots. The tree then reblooms year after year because it has a pattern, a cycle, it lets go as to rebloom again.

 Tending to the Garden is tending to your life. As your gifts blossom and grow,  you enjoy and express them, and as the layers of learning and change come along, they act as the old layers that shed from you, to nurture the soil in the garden that is you. You see, all changes create an ending and a new beginning, You're timeless souls garden is in all stages of this process, you must let things fall away, to create the rich soil in which you grow. Death is not permanent, but a transformation of energy for growth and change.

Let's speak now of the garden of your mind, the place which mimics the very core of the Universe. Your mind dear one, is a vibrational circuitry in which all energy moves upon. Your minds and your hearts are the key expression of the Soul. Now my dear you, want to know how to turn stress into positivity. It starts within you. You must examine this, that stresses you. Ask the question why does this stress me? Then ask the question of why for each answer to your previous question until you hit the root of the matter hidden under layers and disguises.

 This is how you manage your mental stress, which in turn changes your physical form as well. You have the power of your mind, the key to the universe already within you. You may find that your mental stress is only a few questions away from resolution. So I asked you dear one, are you living in the past? Are you living for the future? The only time is now, this present moment in which you breathe. All the changes start from every now moment and each moment is a chance to renew, to change that in which you wish to change.

 True and profound change dear one, simply comes from asking the question why. Asking and removing the layers and shrouds until you get to the core of the issue, and that dear one is how you manage your stress. You find the gem hidden beneath the layers of Illusion. You dig until you see that sparkle of Truth to help light your way. You are magnificent! Tend to the garden of your Mind, Body and Soul beautiful one. 

With Love.

Alyssa MillerComment