Woman of Eagle

Hi everybody!  This week we have a message from Woman of Eagle. She showed herself to me with wings and an eagle companion. This is her message for all of us this week♡


     When you do not stretch your wings, it is you who holds yourself hostage, forever grounded, never to experience the wind carry you under your wings. It is you who must stretch beyond your comfort zone, it is you who must brave the courage to take the leap and fly. With wings so beautiful why ever would you stay grounded? The breath of Gaia wishes to show you new heights, to show you a greater perspective, and to help you see your world from a different point of view.

     You walk this Earth as though you have no idea that you could fly. What is it that holds you down? What is it that prevents you from stretching wing and taking flight? Is it that you fear my child? Is it that you fear the failure or, that the fall may hurt? There is no failure my child, only an attempt after an attempt until you sore so high your perspective of reality changes. You never fail, you only learn how to be greater for the next time. So much of these attempts play out in your mind long before you take flight. Do not waste another moment in fear. Do not give your energy to the illusion of failure. You always will learn, you always will gain new insight and new vision. If you must define failure, it is to never try in the first place. It is not exploring your curiosity, or seeking beyond what you know.

     It is time to stretch your wings and grow, to push the boundaries and limits you have set for yourself. You do this by simply stretching your wings running as fast as you can and allowing the wind to carry you from there. The words nothing ventured nothing gained is true insight. You must be willing to take another step, to show your true colors and fly with the wind. You dear child, are far more supported than you know. Your life is meant to be an expression of you. Your colors, your beauty and, your gifts. Why not join the sky people and let the wind carry you along your journey?

      Ask yourself dear child, what is it that holds me back from expressing myself? What colors will I unearth within me? When will I release the word failure from my vocabulary and aim for the sky? When is it my time to shine? The answer is now, and all that is within you that keeps you grounded will fall away with every attempt to fly. You child are the only obstacle in your way. Will you climb this mountain? When you have reached its peak will you give into the wind and sore? You can stretch your wings to fly at any time, all you must do is get over yourself, stretch those wings and fly. You have come here to shine, to spread your light and beauty, the only one who can pull this to the surface is you.  

Grow, stretch and take flight. So many new perspectives and possibilities are awaiting you.




Alyssa MillerComment