Hi everybody,

This week I wanted to share a channeled message on the energy of Hope. 

     Hope is the spark of light that brings your desires and dreams to reality. It is in Hope where your dreams are created in hopes for change. Hope is telling the universe what you desire amongst the mixings of the uncertain. Hope is the base of all things first dreamt into reality. Hope in uncertain times can help guide and steer the energy of fluidity in your favor. You see, hope is not something to be lost but a muscle to be strengthened. Hoping and wishing go hand-in-hand as they are one in the same. Hope is also the excitement, the building of raw energy to fuel its fruition. Hope dear one, is the pure wish of positivity to see your dreams become reality.

    Giving up on Hope is giving into flow and not allowing any space for guiding direction. It is as though you sit on a roller coaster just along for the ride, and exciting adventure it maybe but, imagine if you could steer the car you sit in on this ride. You may think that hope is just to sit and pray that things go in your favor but, to hold hope is to send your wish to the universe that you desire a certain outcome. You are always in a state of manifesting and these powerful energies of hope and dreaming send loud and clear signals to the universe that you are open and willing to receive. You see, you have all the pieces to the puzzle you just don't see the picture. The big picture is still coming into being as you connect piece by piece. Not all in life is fated and not all hope is lost. At times you may feel that you are a victim to circumstances around you, when in reality the outside is a reflection of what is inside. To be at peace within your heart draws to you more peace. You are the emitter of the frequency in which you desire.

      When one becomes hopeless they have succumbed to an energy of defeat. No is not always just the answer no. It can mean not this way, or not this time but, rarely is no the final answer. When you decided to manifest into the soup of pure potential it is you who decides the ingredients and the flavor. You have much more say in the workings of your life than you may see at this time. Control is an illusion when you seek to control what goes on outside of you. The real control starts within you and pushes its way out to the reflection of what's around you. Master the Universe within yourself and the Universe will reflect in kind.

      To steer your car down the path of your desired life you must continue to hope and dream. The car is in a constant state of movement, you must be the one to set direction. You are not the victim but the victor of your life, your desires, and your destiny. Live your life in the magic of hoping and dreaming, it is your reality you weave into being.

With Love,


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