Master This Moment

Welcome back everyone!

I wanted to share another channeling with you from my guides. 

     Walk your path with pride and purpose. Walk each step with love and joy in your core and let this flow from you. Your path is not an aimless journey to no destination, your path is an adventure you choose step by step, day by day, moment by moment.

     In each moment you have the option to renew and revive energies that help you thrive and grow. Not a day goes by in which you do not breathe in and breathe out. You make a choice in each moment to be. You dear ones are.. You have been and we tell you again, that you always will be. No more hopeless moments dear ones. Fill those moments with desire and passion. Know that you have choice and above all power. You have the power to make your choice reality. There is not a moment in life that does not spring forth a fountain of vitality for you to use. It is how often you visit and drink from the fountain that decides how you will manifest.

     There is no one who is meant to only suffer, to live a life only to be beaten down. You choose in life, your experiences, your successes and even the times of suffer. It is you who is to master your moments, your energy, your vitality. The choices you make, make your moments. Fill each moment with peace, joy and vitality. Make the conscious effort to change these energies of suffer and sorrow into the outcome in which you wish to have.

     When you feel moments of suffer, think to yourself the moments of joy, the moments of gratitude. Dear one, seek the gem in the rough. Seek even one thing of every scenario to be grateful for. The Universe gives you what you ask for be it directly or indirectly, by the vibration you carry. When you can take a moment of suffering and sorrow, turn it around and find the gratitude and peace, then dear ones, you will have mastered your moments. This is your key, your secret weapon if you will, to a life of joy, peace and purpose. You create your purpose, do so with pride.

With Love


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