Step Toward Self Mastery

Hey loves!

Welcome to 2018! As I sat down to channel my guides wanted to discuss the year we are heading into and talk more about self mastery.


     Not only is this the year of 2, it is also the year of the master number 11. Seek mastery within yourself and those obstacles in which you would like to conquer. Mastery starts within yourself, step-by-step climbing the mountain until you reach its peak. To become a master, you must take each step and ascend. You must rise above each challenge presented to you and conquer your own Mountain. Each individual's mastery will not be the same as yours, there is not one golden path to follow but, a rainbow of paths to mastery. It is just the one you choose to walk that is right for you.

     Now you see dear ones, your paths are chosen by the steps you make. Do not make the mistake of thinking all are on the same path. As each Soul evolves and grows in the Earthly experience, the paths chosen differ and vary. Your steps to self Mastery maybe similar to another but are not the same. Your Soul, Your Existence and your Consciousness are unique to you. Your breath, your signature are different from another. As unique as snowflakes or fingerprints. From a distance they may look the same but on the inside each matrix is unique.

     The path you choose to walk is yours whether somebody walks it with you or not. Your experience and your obstacles will be unique to you for your growth and mastery a dear one. Not everything is so black and white. As you look deeper there are Shades of black, shades of grey and shades or reflections of white. As you walk your path to self mastery you must know that you are divinely loved and supported. As long as you move forward, you are on your path.

     The path is not a straight trajectory but rather a maneuvering and climbing of each rock and surface presented to you. Know that struggle is part of self-mastery, what would there be to master if it was all so easy? You dear one, are the master of your life, and your soul is the master of life times. Your evolution goes far beyond the rise and fall of the sun and moon. Dear one, all you must focus on is taking it cycle by cycle. One sunrise to set at a time. The mountain is climbed step-by-step and your days are marked by the sunrise and fall. Utilize each day with vim and vigor, with gusto and grace. You are already conquering your mountain. You do this day by day, just keep moving forward, we guide you from here.

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