Tapping In


It's 1/8/18! Here is this week's channeling♡

     As you allow your soul to stretch and grow, you reach deeper into the Collective Consciousness, into the Unity Consciousness that ties everything into being, into Oneness. You see, as you incarnate, you forget all that your soul still remembers. It is as though your memory is wiped clean and programmed with just what you need this incarnation. This happened lifetime after lifetime until now. As Humanity you have raised your conscious awareness higher to access the soul piece of yourself. Your soul is like the ultimate computer of you, knowing all processes that have been and the potentials yet to come. So even though the smaller processes come and go, it is all collected in your true Essence for access to help you along your current process/incarnation. To put it more simply, it is like a cord that comes from you to plug into a greater source for your own growth and knowledge. It is to help you access greater potentials for your current Incarnation/process.

    When you sit in communicate with your True Essence, your Soul, you tap into the Expensive, the Unity, the Collective Consciousness. You plug into the space to access the knowledge you seek, the emotions you remember and so forth. You are tapping into the great computer (my guides laugh) in this "space" you let go of restriction and time. You plug into Unity and all potentials. This is a place many of you visit in micro moments, you have what you call "spacing out" that which much of the time, leads to your Deja Vu moments, as though your Soul is checking in and the deja vu is the ring back to let you know where you are. When you sleep your Soul reaches for and plays in the Collective. Your Soul does the check-in process and, in return sends messages to the mind and the physical to help you along your current incarnation. You see dear ones, your Soul cannot give you what it does not already know and experience so this is one of the reasons you incarnate. You do so to help your soul learn more, to grow, but also to help give information to the collective for others to learn and grow as well.

     You do not suddenly know everything as you release your physical Incarnation but, you do experience the expanse and remember all that you have experienced before. You see, your incarnation is for your own personal growth AND the growth for others. Each experience you have and choice you make helps yourself and the Collective Consciousness so that greater growth and potentials can come from each new experience and opportunity. Your life you see, is for you dear one, but in your life you also help everyone. You bring forward valuable gifts, not just for yourself but for others as well. We as your guides have easier, less filtered access to this Collective Consciousness as well as the "book of you". We are here to guide you and help you make the most informed decision you can on the contemplations that your Earthly experience brings you.

     To connect with your guides is quite simple yet, difficult for those who do not know how to step out of their own way. Breathe, Just Breathe, take your active awareness inward and let it sit there. This connects you to yourself in a stronger way. It helps you access your intuition and perspective from your own heart center. We speak to you in this space, as well as from/in the Collective. We walk with you moment by moment and if you allow the silence in your mind, you will be able to receive our guidance. All you must do is pull out your cord and plug it into the Collective. Sit in peace, allow the thoughts and worries to leave your mind so that the doorway can be open to receive. As your guides, we are always here guiding, providing, and protecting you. Dear ones, we are ready to guide you when you are ready to open the door.

     With great love to humanity we share this with you. As you grow we grow and in Unity and Love shall we ever be.


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