Wisdom of Soul

Hello and Welcome!

Here is this weeks channeling, lots of love to you!

     To bring in strength and wisdom first you must look within. You must seek within yourself and see what does not fit, where the pieces of the puzzle have been forced into place, instead of the delicate seamless flow that happens when all aligns naturally. Where are you forcing the fit dear one? Where are you carving and reshaping the pieces to try and make them fit? Dear ones, if the pieces do not fit naturally, they are not your pieces, they are not a part of your puzzle. All to often the endless grinding and shaping happens, when, all you must do is let go and wait for the right piece to fall into place.

     With how many tasks you take on each incarnation you must realize that when you hit a block, it is time to re-focus, re-align and work another side of the puzzle for a while. No jagged piece is a good substitute for a seamless fit. It is in allowing and going with the flow that these right pieces of the puzzle fall into place for you. Please see dear ones, incarnating and living as human at this time is difficult enough. Do not force the square peg into the round hole. Grab another piece and work another puzzle. Allow life to flow WITH you. You are IN partnership with the Universe, not against it.

     Dear ones, when you see just how connected you are to all things AND you listen to the wisdom of your Soul, you will know that the struggle is temporary, and much of the time unnecessary. It as if you hear the word no and say to yourself....this can not be, I will make this happen through all resistance and doubt, I will achieve this. In this, what it is you do not see is that this, dear one, is one lifetime of the many and that your breaths are short in each incarnation. Do not fight so much, allow the stubborn to be set aside to make room for the wisdom to enter. This is a practice in strength of self. To know that all is working out as planned and to practice the patience of self to allow the wisdom in.

     You have reserves of information and wisdom contained within your Soul, the very Soul that is housed within you. Reach in dear ones, listen for the call. Ask your questions and allow your Soul to give you the answers. Remember this dear ones, that your Soul is connected to all, and that the answers you seek can be made available to you. Seek within, seek the wisdom of your Soul and allow its guidance to flow. Do not force the fit dear ones, just allow. Enjoy this incarnation because it is unlike any other and will be unlike another. Go with the flow in grace and beauty. Allow the wisdom of your Soul to step forward and have the strength to resist the forcing of a piece that does not fit. Allow dear ones, Just Allow <3 

Love and Blessings

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