Soul Stirring Changes

Hello everyone!

This feels to me like a continuation of last weeks message♡ enjoy♡ It seems as humanity we are hitting a major shift in growth.

     The changes you feel are from the stirring in your soul, as life changes so does your vibration. Things that appealed to you once, now seem to have faded away. This is a natural process dear ones, it is okay to let go of what does not fit your life at this time. Just as we spoke of the puzzle pieces last week, do not try to make things fit that do not belong, do not force things into place as all happens in time. Just as you gave up childhood toys as you grew, this happens with habits, friends, relationships, joys and so on. Change is a normal and consistent part of your incarnation. Even here on the other side as you call it, we change and grow.

     It is normal for things that appealedo to you before, to now find unappealing. This is your growth, your expansion and change. You may find, things that were once unappealing to you now you feel drawn to. Honor these changes in yourself. If life stayed the same day in and day out you would be entirely too bored and find that stagnation depressing. You are souls of adventure. You are curious and this is why you take on the physical form, the Earth experience. You are brave bold and courageous, especially to be on earth at this time. Not a moment of earth time passes where we do not honor and admire you for taking the earthly experience, you enjoy so much beauty yet we see your struggle and suffering.

     Now, not all Souls on earth are in the same evolutionary place, that is what makes this beautiful yet difficult because, there is always somebody before you who has experience and wisdom, yet there are many who are younger and have yet to take the steps you have taken for their own evolution. So, what you have is wise and naive, selfless and selfish, aware and blissfully unaware. You live in the world of great contrast and scale. This is not to say that those still early to the experience have nothing to offer. It is to show growth. Each individual no matter their progress, plays a vital role in earth's evolution and in humanities evolution. To touch back, imagine if you were all in the same place at the same time, how crowded it would be, or if you all were on the same evolutionary level, how gray and listless things would be. How would you grow? how would things change? How would you know difference?

     Variety of ranges gives a variety of changes. Bless those who are not where you are, and the ones you feel are farther than yourself. You all learn from each other, even if it is just by simple comparison. Enjoy the uniqueness, enjoy who you are and honor your evolutionary path. You are sacred and divine just like your neighbor. It is to honor yourself and to allow what does not serve you to fall away. Let that energy go, let that habit go, let those struggles go. This allows the energy to flow and change. When energy stagnates it shows you what is not flowing in your life. Let It Go and allow yourself the room for something new.

     What we want to share dear ones, is don't be afraid to cut ties. Allow the layers to unfold so that your blossom is not stifled. You can release in love and, if what is released comes back to you, decide at that time if it is a fit for you. Growth and decay are both natural parts of life. Allow the decay to fall so that it can nourish your growth. Honor your changes and honor yourself in love.

We love you♡

Alyssa MillerComment