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Hello everybody!

This week I was pleased to be greeted by Quan Yin when I opened up for channeling. She wanted to share more about love♡ she also enjoyed the scent of my jasmine green tea♡ She said it was a scent of beauty and peace♡ I smiled because that's how I feel smelling it too♡

     It is love that speaks all languages, love is the language of the Soul. Love is universally understood and no words can express what the magic of love truly is. Love is the very essence your soul is made of and speaks the tongueless language of the Soul. It is inherent within you. It is a feeling, a knowing and, a true expression of the self. It is during incarnation that you must look inward and remember your true language holds no tongue, it is felt, it is known.

     The many versions of love you have on Earth do not speak to the true love we know you to be. You are a splinter off the heart that is creation and you alone have the ability to splinter off again another creation built in love. Love is inherent within your body, love is who you are and your vision of love is what you radiate to the world around you, to the universe within you and, outside of you. What the world needs now is love. It is to each human to remember that they are love and to express their unique expression of it.

     It starts with nurturing the blossom of love within yourself. As you nurture this growth, you will know love deeper. You will know a truer sense of the magic that is within you. You will express love in a different manner as you honor the blossom of love within yourself. Treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion you would wish to receive from another. This my child, will help you understand a greatness that cannot be expressed in words alone. When you shine in love, you shine your true nature, your true self. Some of you call this the higher self, the one that is you in connection to the divine, the cosmos and the one who remembers.

     To love and honor yourself, you must let your heart sing from your voice and your soul smile from your eyes. Do not concern yourself with the judgments of others, your unique expression of you is shining your light and the love in you. The love that is you. Always remember beautiful one, that the lotus must push its way through the muddy waters to reach the Sun, to show its colors and share its beautiful aroma with the world. The lotus knows it is of the soil and of the magic of the universe, so are you. Let the soil nurture you and when you are ready break free, push your way past the muddy barrier to the surface and let your essence shine.

     Shine the love of you, shine your colors, express your sweet scent and allow this blossom that is you to bask in the glorious Sun. You are equally as deserving as another, do not hold yourself down and do not hold yourself back. Let your blossom unfold and reach for the Sun. You are supported by love as you shine your beauty. Take your steps in your time. Know that your loving guides are right behind you. Love yourself and let your soul song sing.

♡ Quan Yin♡

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