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This week my guides wanted to speak on the importance of forgiveness and how it can help heal us.

     Forgiveness of the self is equally as important as bestowing this grace upon another. Why is it when you forgive another you hold the energy within you for sometime? As you work through the energy of hurt, wrong doing, and sorrow you must consider yourself as part of this forgiveness. Do not play the victim role in your life, forgive those who have made you feel in such a way, and forgive yourself, even if you feel it may not be needed. Forgiveness heals, it heals all hearts and wounds. There may be times in your life where you feel you are owed forgiveness, forgive yourself for holding on to that.

     Forgiveness opens the door to freedom, it allows ones soul to shine pass the barriers that weigh them down. Forgiveness releases you from the shackles that prevent you from flight. On your beautiful Earth and the existence you live, all are growing and learning, and in doing so lead a selfish life in many ways. It is forgiveness that releases the selfish act pressed upon you. It is the forgiveness in yourself that releases you from the repeating story of events. It is the forgiveness that opens the door to healing. You dear ones, may never get the apology you feel you deserve, or the explanation for why you were wronged by another. This is where you practice forgiveness, you forgive them, the situation, and all things involved including oneself. Take from the experience the lesson and move forward. Holding onto unforgiveness and anger only hurts you dear ones, it only keeps you shackled to the experience, only to relive it like a bad dream until you wake up. Let this go. Let forgiveness into your heart, not only for another but for yourself.

     You must remember dear ones that you live with you. Day by day and moment-by-moment you have the choice to make amends and renew you. You can revive the heart you felt has died. You have the power to make your life what you want it to be. Forgiveness heals dear ones, it heals you. Grant yourself the forgiveness you grant others. Give yourself the forgiveness first so that you can spread your wings and fly above the situation. You may not ever understand the actions of others, this will always be, but you can choose to liberate yourself from anything you feel has been done to you. You can forgive yourself for anything you feel you may have done wrong or carelessly as well.

     It is forgiveness. Even if you feel you have nothing to forgive yourself for say the words anyway. It has a way of liberating the darkness into the light. You may find that something within you heals as you say these words "I forgive." If you feel you need forgiveness from another, forgive yourself first. They may not be ready to welcome in this energy yet. They still somehow find something worth holding on to a while longer. You may never get the forgiveness you seek from another and forgiving yourself allows you to break free from those bonds. Cut that attachment and allow your soul to shine forth and move forward.

     Dear ones, in your existence lies many potentials" good and bad." It is you who lives into these potentials and deems them good or bad. It all stems back to you, your choices and how you evolve as humanity and as a soul. It comes back to you. You make the choices you do, day by day that affect your life and humanity as a whole. You also grow as a soul, experiencing things to deepen and enrich the everlasting you. Now, I know that many of you feel wronged in your life for one thing or another and I ask of you, to forgive that person. Forgive that situation and to forgive yourself. In doing so, you can be liberated and rise above. Forgive yourself for holding on to things so long in anger, hurt and frustration. Let them go. Take any gem shining in this rough with you dear one, then walk away. It is not your burden to carry anymore once you let forgiveness shine through. Do this practice of forgiveness as many times as it takes until you are liberated. Go forth and fly free, let your soul shine and fly beautiful ones. Forgiveness is granted, bestow it upon yourself as well as others.

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