Aim with the Arrow

Merry Monday to you!

This week my guides wanted to talk more about personal power and awareness. Here is their message.

     Take Aim with your arrow. Take oar with your canoe. It is you who releases the arrow from the bow. It is you who steers the canoe through the waters current. You are the key component in all the change that occurs in your life. You draw these changes to you by your actions and by your energy. We have told you before, that the Universe reflects back to you. Is a mirror of two visions, a reflection for you to see as you are in your manifestation and a vision yet to come.

     You are the runner who reaches the finish line at your speed. You may take the speed in which you like. There is no wrong or right answers in life, just the choices you make. These choices you make lead to outcomes that you ultimately deem good or bad based on your own perception. There is no blame, only decisions, only choices. You experience the human incarnation in order to evolve. To evolve above the circumstances around you and to learn to live in one's own truth and purity of soul, beyond the circumstances around you. It is not to deal with something as you call it but to rise above the personal effect of it and live in your truth.

     Many of you carry a sense of powerlessness. This defeated attitude will only replicate upon itself until you take back your power and take control of your emotions, thoughts, and above all your actions. Your actions create the circumstances around you. Again, you steer the canoe be it over smooth water or rocky waters, it is you with oar in hand directing the way.

     Take your bow, take your arrow and set sight. You set forth your goals, your aspirations and your dreams. As the bow is held steady with the arrow on site, breathe and release your arrow to your target. Watch as it flies through the air, past other obstacles on to your sighted target. This is how you take your bow and arrow, how you set sight and reach your goal, by direction, by vision, by seeing this happen. If your arrow is to miss, to fly past, to hit a tree you must know that this is the chance to see where you are unclear. Maybe there is a flaw with the bow? Maybe you're holding onto an old belief within yourself that triggers a mistake as the arrow leaves the bow. Maybe it is that the arrow is of poor quality, weak or warped. Maybe your direction is off or that your target is too small or  even too far away to see the arrow make contact. Some arrows will fly for long periods of time to reach a distance farther from you, be patient, take sight, breathe and release. Watch it fly. If the arrow shall fail to hit its target, learn and try again. What can you change to correct the missed target?

     Your actions, your choices must be made deliberately in order for your sights to be reached. Knowing that you are the bow that releases the arrow and you are the oar that steers the canoe, how will you guide your canoe along the waters of stillness or raging? Where will your arrows fly as you release them? Think these things over beautiful ones and know that you are your own guiding light. The light that burns from an enternal fire. Keep your sights on target, keep steering your canoe and keep that fire of spirit roaring within you. You have the power. You are the power. We love you dear ones. 

Alyssa MillerComment