Who are we without Labels?

Hey everybody,

    Lately I have been thinking about labels and why we use them, for positive, for negative and even just as a discription. I wanted to know who we are, and what we are without these labels we use. In this channeling they refer to "labels" of myself but I feel the message is still very relatable, so I feel the need to share. This is what my main guide had to say. 

     In your purest expression you are love. This is the only label that stays with you lifetime after lifetime. Wise is another label you may call yourself but what is wise? What is represented in this label? How much must one experience to hold this label? What is enough? Labels are something that is devised by the brain for the brain, not who you are. Labels are judgements placed by ones self or by another. You are labeled white. Is your soul white? Do you identify beyond how perceived labels that describe you?

    What you truly are can not be expressed in labels, in identifiers that are perceived with the human mind. What you are is felt within you, known to you by signature that resonates unlike another. How would you label lightening? A snap of energy collected at just the right time, these molecules still exsist beyond the physical appearance in time. How about gravity? You know this force to be true, yet you can not bottle it with the label gravity. This is similar to you. You are a seemingly invisible force with a multitude of potentials. You are this form briefly, like the lightning but, how will your molecules form in another expression of you? You see, you are more like the gravity, a known existence with no color, no shape, no size and no form. You just are. You are part of that invisible force that connects all things. How you choose to label that force is an expression of human identification.

     The only true label you can place on yourself is love, you are born with this label and this label you will always have, because it is your connection to all things. It is the source under which we all gather and it is the safety you run to when the labels do not make sense anymore. You dear one, are whatever it is you see yourself to be. These are the labels you express as you take them on but, the truest essence of you is not identified in this way. Labels are for the brilliant computer that is your mind. Do remember that your the electricity that runs through your system as well. You are far more complex, beautiful and unique than you have labels for but for now, focus on the label of love for that is the only true label you are.


Alyssa MillerComment