Hello everybody, 

     This morning when I woke up, I had the word patience in the fore front of my mind and as I was asking my guides what the subject of this week's channeling is about, I kept hearing the word patience. I laughed and said maybe a different subject? but, the energy of patience is something I struggle with and I am sure I am not alone in this. So, this week's channeling is about patience. Enjoy.

     Patience is the practice of allowing flow in your life. Patience is your relationship with the Universe and knowing that you are in Divine flow. When you hold the value of patience, you hold the virtue of peace. It is to know that all is working in your favor and in Divine flow. To hold a state of impatience says that you are in a state of lacking, that you are without in one form or another and are anticipating an outcome that may not necessarily be in your best interest. Just like the term blessing in disguise, not all is always as it seems.

     Patience knows the rhythm of the Universe, it knows that it is given all requests in Divine timing. When you ask the Universe for something and wait impatiently for its arrival, you are holding the energy of lack and need in desperation, which can block your flow of abundance. Does the child with a temper tantrum get their way? Are they open to hearing a word? When you sit with patience, you sit with the peace in your heart and the knowing that you are in Divine flow with the Universe. All that you need will be provided to you at the time you need it. This is not to say that if it is not a need it is not gifted, but it is to say that with patience you will be open to receive and it will come at the right time.

     Being in patience and being in flow is not always seen as easy. You live in an Earthly form and encounter Earthly struggles. We see the connection between yourself and Source become cloudy at times, but know the connection is never lost. It is inherently a part of you. When you recognize this connection you feel it in your being, you know it to be true and it is a connection of unlimited energy and potential. Now, when you connect more with this channel you will feel the energy of impatience and lack fall from you. You will know that this channel provides all you need and in the right time.

     Such suffering comes from the place of impatience, worry and lacking. This clouds your energy, it lowers your vibration and puts you in a distant place. It is not hard for this energy to reach you but it puts you in a place where it is hard to receive. You must understand that you are not punished, you are not being withheld from. You are allowing your channel to be only so open or closed by the way you hold your energy. Source is not a mean man in the sky delving out only gifts to the "good" and suffering to the "bad". It is your energy that allows you to give and to receive. It is your ability to open the door that allows just how much you can receive.

     If you choose to have your door slightly open, you will receive what fits through in the timing it fits through. If you sit in the state of patience and flow with the door wide open, you will receive with ease. You will see it coming and with an Open Door you will know that the potentials and possibilities are open to you. Sit with patience as a virtue in your heart beautiful ones. Source loves you all equally and sends you all your desires. The question for you is, how open are you to receive it?

 With love and patience for humanity

~Quan Yin



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