Embrace the Dreaming


Here is this weeks channeling♡

     Beauty is in every breath of your lungs, and every step you take. Let your feet meet with Gaia and remember your roots. You are body of Earth and Starseed inside. Your Soul knows the stars just as your feet know the soil. The beauty of being a human is you get to be a matrix of magic and mystery. Your Soul can swim in the Stars while your body rests in the Earth. Do you take this time? Do you take the time to enjoy the waking dream? How magical it is, to experience the physical and yet be of the Stars.

     How often do you let your soul explore? How often do you experience the dreaming? You are more than the soil you live on. You are the magic of the Universe, it lives within every cell of your being. Do not get discouraged by the troubles that come with an Earthly life. If you could only see the potential within you, you would look at troubles and laugh. You are so magnificent and like a magician, you can weave your potentials into being. There is no need for conflict and defeat. You are not powerless and it is time to know this within yourself. Know that no matter what may be, you have choice. You have the magic wand to pull from the ethers a new way of being, a new existence, a new energy and a new you. When was it you forgot your magnificence? Well that is no more dear one.

     Embrace the soil under your feet and the stardust of your soul. You dear one, experience this Earthly incarnation and when you return your body to the soil, all you have experienced comes with you. You are the essence, the Soul, that animates the human form. It has always been you, no matter the shape and size of the form. It will always be you, no matter what expression you choose to take. Your soul will always be what awakens the form. When you see your face in the mirror, greet your eyes with a smile. See your Soul smiling back and know that the true you lives beyond form and time. The true you is timeless and knows many forms.

     Once you played in the Stars, before they rained you to the Earth, to blossom into the magnificence that is spirit in body. You will know the magic you are as you allow the dreaming. In the dreaming, you create with the magic wand and create the potentials you want woven into the matrix that is your Earthly existence. You must know that the choices live within you and that you are not fated to live in a path set forth for you. You set your path, be it with stones or roses, you create for you and not another. Make the Walk of your life the most beautiful walk so when you look back after this incarnation you walk away with only the love and peace in your heart.

     You are not the victim of your life, you are the victor and you must know that your decision to change starts with your imagination. Weave your dreams into being, be the conductor of your symphony and play the songs pleasing to you. Remember dear one, you are the magic that transforms the garden. What do you want to grow? Plant the seeds, nourish them and watch them flourish in pure magic.


Alyssa MillerComment