The Legacy of Love

Welcome back, here is this week's channeling♡

     Know when to shine your light and when to let your voice speak softly from your lips. Know when to roar and when to be at peace. With the future of humanity in such a malleable state, you must learn when to roar and when to let things be. Many avenues call your attention, some of importance and others important for the time being. Where is your attention focused?

     The small steps in your day-to-day life create leaps and bounds in your future endeavors but, you must know that the actions you take today be them big or seemingly small make the future you live into. It also creates the legacy you leave behind for those who will follow your footprints in the soil. You leave a path for them to start from as they carry on this legacy. What legacy are you leaving behind?

     Your attention encourages things to flourish. Your attention is the water to the soil. Know when to give it and when to focus it on that of another thing. With attention being like water, too much can drown but with the right amount it can nourish all you wish to be flourish into being. It is the attention you pay that encourages life, growth, and change. So I ask you again, where is your attention? What is it that you focus on and what is it that you are growing?

     Do you tend to another's garden more than your own? Do you give so much attention on others that you feel left with little to care for your own? It is vital for you to see dear ones, that your attention, energy and focus fuels growth, be at your own or to help another. What you take in on a daily basis gets nurtured within you as well. Every moment of every day you have the choice on how you will utilize your energy and who or what you will give your attention to. Does this thing you give attention to align within you? Does it strike your truth chord? Does it make your heart and Soul sing?

     With all these questions I ask, it is to encourage you to sit with them, answer them from your heart. Answer them from your truth. To live your life with love and integrity you must know the answers to these questions. These questions are not to shame you dear ones, but to help you align with your truth, your higher self and to remind you to be bold. Release fear, release what you do not need and live your life in your truest joy. There is no shame in where you have been, all has served purpose for you in one way or another. Old beliefs and old habits have served you in your growth like a flower, it has blossomed, shed its pedals and now returns to the soil to create nutrients for the next flower to grow and blossom.

     Let things fall away as they need to. All things have cycles of birth, growth and death. Focus on what it is you want to grow, give that your attention. Enjoy its cycle, thank it and let it go. You cannot stop cycles from happening but, you can control what cycles you choose to give your attention to. What you want to grow in your garden and what steps you want to leave behind for your descendants to follow. Use your energy day-by-day to grow your garden in beauty and love. Give your attention to what it is you want to see flourish.

     No more victim mindset, do not grow this in your garden. Pick that weed and dispose of it for good. Never are you the victim. You are the victor of your life. You are the master gardener of your garden. Give your attention to what you want to grow. This dear ones, is a work in progress. Something is always growing while something else is dying but, you must see that this death nurtures the soil for the new. Grow your beauty, grow your truth and leave behind the legacy of living in beauty and truth to your descendants. Be the example of a better way to be, let them know this truth early so they can take the journey longer and farther. As each generation comes to be, the path grows ever longer. Walk in beauty, walk in truth dear ones. Lead the Legacy of Love.



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