Welcome to April!

Here is this week's channeling♡

     Express yourself, be bold, shine the colors you were born with. We tell you that each incarnation is as unique as a snowflake. Your expression of you will change as well. What an amazing experience it is, to be able to mold and shape the form you take when you incarnate. What an amazing gift it is to be able to mold and shape your reality as well.

     We tell you time after time just how amazing you truly are. The complexity that makes up your form is nothing in comparison to the complexity that is your soul. You dear ones, are an example of true magic. The Soul that animates the form. When you chose your form, you chose defining parameters to help you be seen in such a way, to experience in such a way, and to express in such a way. Your gender does not define your souls expression, but it is one way for you to express an example of the Divine.

      All of these details of your being are chosen for you to experience and to express this unique lifetime. Do not get hung up on the physical expression dear ones, this is one of the many forms you have been and as things change so will you in physical and in spirit. It is time to look beyond the physical and again connect with the soul. The true you. The you beyond space and time. The Everlasting. The you that animates the form in which you take. The you that expresses and experiences.

      We have an exercise dear ones, simple yet complex. Take a moment, a true moment in nature. Go as you are without your devices, without any distractions, just you. Sit with a tree, sit and breathe. Just breathe. Allow now, for yourself to communicate with the tree and whichever way feels right for you. You may feel, here or see and so on. Just be in this moment and experience. For a brief moment let yourself meld with the tree. Experience this for just a moment with no expectations. Now allow yourself to come back to your physical form completely. What was the experience?

     Did you find yourself seeing as the tree? Feeling as the tree? For a brief moment in time you were this tree. Your soul was experiencing the physical expression of tree, yet here you are, still you. This is an exercise in knowing the self and knowing the experience of different types of physical expression. The tree is alive with spirit and consciousness just as you are but, in a different form from you. When we ask you dear ones, to see into your magic, to look into your soul, we are reminding you that beyond the physical expression is the true reality of the Everlasting you. Be bold, express your unique expression. Allow the beauty of the true you to shine through this physical expression so that you can experience and grow.

     The world around you experiences and grows just as you do. What a magical place to be. Know yourself as Everlasting consciousness and express yourself. You are beautiful just as each snowflake is. Sparkle in your glory and e dear ones. Let nothing hold you back from shining your light. You come to Earth for your experience and you light up the world with your expression of you.

      Enjoy and be. Have fun! Enjoy the beauty and pleasures that is the Earth plane. Enjoy the physical expression you chose this time around. Know the true you will live on and enjoy being in the physical. Touch, eat, feel the wind in your hair and the soil under your feet. You came to Earth to express the uniqueness that is you, do it boldly, be proud and shine beautiful ones. Your gifts, your talents and your light are needed.♡

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