Thyself-The Higher Self

Welcome back!

     As I sat to channel this morning I was greeted by Eagle who wanted to share this message♡ At the end of this channeling is a short audio I made to help you get in touch with Thyself.

     What you carry on your wings inhibits your ability to fly. It inhibits your ability to soar above, to see from a greater perspective. These troubles you hold on to have solutions but, are you ready to release the weight to see them? When you can rise above, a whole new world of possibilities opens to you. You are lighter and in a place to receive the guidance without the weight holding you down.

      When you can rise above, you can see beyond the shadows cast around you. You are looking at your life from the perspective of light. You are looking at your life with the bird's eye view. If you want to seek advice from thyself, the Self with the bird's eye view, you must allow yourself to be free of the weight that grounds you temporarily. You must be willing to set aside those things so that you can reach Thyself. The true you beyond space and time.

      This self is also referred to as the higher self, Thyself knows and sees beyond the shadows. This Self is not bound by weights on her wings, she soars above in her true beauty shining her light. This light calls to the lower self, the self that takes the weighted wing and sees the shadow. She shines her light to say come to me, meet me here to gain perspective, to gain clarity. Remember that we are one. We Are One.

     I am the light of you, beckoning you to meet me again. To remind you that these weights and shadows are minor struggles in comparison to the light and beauty of you. I am you and I know you. I see your struggles as my own and know that from this perspective I have the answers. All is divine from this place.I am the connection to the divine. I am the plug to the amplifier to create the sound, the harmony in this incarnation.I say I and you but in truth we are one we are both aspects of the greater whole.

     To connect with me you must set aside the weight, the baggage, the shadow for a short time and ascend. Break through the walls of your mind and rise above. You will know my light, it is familiar to you. It is The Light Within You. Go to this light and be with it. Be with your Whole being, the light of Thyself, the truth of Thyself, the knowingness of Thyself and the beauty that is Thyself. Fly with this light to the greater perspective. Follow this light like a beacon and see from the bird's eye view.

     This light is the channel from Thyself to self. It is the ever-present connection. Thyself is you, the Aware you, the you in connection to truth, light, love and divinity. Be receptive in this place and allow the answers to come to you. Get to know this light. Remember who you are beyond the weights and shadows. Know the timeless you. Know Thyself.


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