Bringing Darkness to Light

Welcome back!

As I sipped my tea this morning I felt Quan Yin step close to my energetc field and I knew today was her day to speak. Here is her message for all of us♡

     Your true nature is of divine magnificence. It is the layers of shadow that mask the true lights shine. You needn't be worried about the shadow dear ones, as your light can cast out all of the darkness around you. It is the light that eliminates the shadow and you dear one, are the light beyond the shrouds that surround you. Beyond these shrouds lives your light, your true nature and your magnificence. On your planet today you can see such contrast of light and dark that it reflects off the light and shadows of you. Do not let the darkness trigger the wounded aspect of you for a chance to lash out in anger. Instead thank that Darkness for showing you where to shine. Thank the darkness for showing you how to expand your light farther and remove that shadow once and for all.

      Your light is needed beautiful ones, your light is what lights up the world. It is what connects like lightning to brighten the world. All of humanity has this goodness and potential but, it is when the wounds speak louder than the light that you succumb to the shadows. Your shadows show you how you can become more light. The shadows will come and go as you live an incarnated life but, to lose them for good requires you to see them, to know when they trigger you and to understand and love that trigger to an elevated state so the shadow can cast no more. This dear ones, is a practice of deeply loving yourself and beyond that, deeply accepting yourself.

     You are not the shadows that surround you. You are the light that illuminates them so that their darkness dissipates into light. You dear ones, are the light. You are not your shadows and never will you be. Your shadow is aspects from your life in which you felt hurt, scared, betrayed and so on. These are not you, these are moments in time where doubt came in by brief vulnerability. Never are you feeble and vulnerable. You are magnificent and the light of a Million Suns.

     Being Human dear ones, gives you a great advantage to use your light for goodness or for destruction. I will tell you this, destruction of the shadow around you shines your great beauty. Light can never be used to truly harm another. True light always awakens the true light within another. You must know that the shadow is only cast when the light does not shine directly on it. Light is the language of the universe and this is inherent within you. It is up to you to shine your light and to castaway the shadows for good. You can do this by making the shadow conscious, you send your light and your love so deeply that it has nowhere to hide within or outside of you.

     You need nothing special to make this happen, all you must do is love. Love and accept what has once frightened you, love it to ascension. Love beautiful ones, is the light within you and your connection to all things. What a great capacity humanity has to love and once you move beyond the shadow, the love is what shines. Love yourself beautiful ones, love who you are beyond measure and time. Connect to the true nature of love within you and let it speak the language for all the world to hear.

     Your light, lights up the world. One by one you illuminate so bright no Shadow is cast again. Let your light be the lightning to ignite another flame of beauty. Do not be afraid to shine bright for the consciousness of humanity elevates as each light is sparked and ignited. One by one you light up this world and create a whole new humanity of peace and love.




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