Bringing Darkness to Light - Part Two

Welcome back!  

     If you have not read last weeks channeling please do so, this channeling is an extension of the previous with additional information that expands on the subject of enlightenment.

     To become enlightened is not an easy journey, you must be willing to look inside of yourself and face the darkness. You must be willing to peel through the layers of the soul and heal what you have shied away from. Dear ones, enlightenmeant is to in lighten the soul, it is to allow more light in and in turn shine from you. It is a path of joy and suffering but it is the path of the true you. It is the you beyond the wounds and scars.

     As you incarnate you grow your soul with experience. This experience can be volatile, some good experiences and some painful. You must know that each experience grows your soul. At first you may see this experience as shadow or scar but, beyond that is the truth of experience. You know dear ones, that you are eternal. The form you hold is a choice and a beautiful choice to make. You experience profound growth while in a physical incarnation. It is due to the vast variety, to experience the highs and lows. 

     What you may not see is that your soul growth affects the oversoul's growth of humanity. You each contribute a piece to this energy that is humanity. As you incarnate, you speak a voice that echoes through humanities history. You are affecting today, how the soul of humanity grows and you dear ones, must know that to improve and enlighten yourself is to improve and enlighten humanity. For some this may feel like a solo journey but, your cord connects to the cords of humanity and to go even greater the universe. The steps you take day to day affect the whole. Like a bee to the hive, you are community. You grow and develop together just as well as you grow and develop on your own. Never are you truly alone dear one, you are a part of something magnificent.

     Working on your Self is working on Humanity as well. Peel back the layers and let the true light shine. Wash away the mud that dampens your light. You are not alone as you experience your growth, as you find the diamonds in the shadow of your wounds. Find the dimond and let it sparkle from you. You are not the wounds you carry but the diamond that shines forth from it. Collect your diamonds and let them reflect your light. Shine your beauty dear ones.

                                                                                    Always with you,

                                                                                     Quan Yin♡

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