Earth and Sun

Welcome back!

     As I sat outside to channel, the Sun and the Earth spoke so clearly to me that I felt the need to share their message.

     You are children of Earth blessed by the Sun. You are cosmic atoms strung into a form of beauty. You are Soil and Sun. A child of the mother and father in this cosmic dance of love, you are created. The Sun is your fire, your charge to the battery of the body, heart and mind. The Sun brings you the energy and drive to carry forward when you feel low. The Sun is the father that tells you to rise again after each dark night. The Sun is the fuel to your fire. Sit in the energy and hear the words, feel the warmth and remember that after every darkness there is a dawn.

     The Earth is your mother she sustains you and you her. You are comprised of her elements and you are Soul from the cosmos. You are the mix of the mother and the father. Molded and shaped in the clay of the mother and infused with life by the cosmos. You must see dear ones, that all of you and all that is around you are the same. You are the same elements of Earth and Cosmos. Your brothers and sisters may have a different face, a different shade but, you are all colors of mother Gaia. The only difference you see is the way in which expression came into form.

     You breathe in the breath of the mother all the same. You feel the soil beneath your feet all the same. There is nothing about you that is not known to her. You must understand, that perception of difference is just that, perception. No one is better than another. You are each equal in the heart of the mother and the cosmos. They see you as no different from themselves because they know you. They know that the magic of you is the magic of all things even themselves. 

     So when you ask yourself dear one, where did I come from? You come from love, inspiration and magic. You are the heat of the Sun and the heat of the Earth. Your body is perfectly molded from Earth and your Soul is eternal like the energy of the Cosmos. You are born into existence just like the galaxies are born. You are all the molecules of Earth and Sky. Your Soul is ever-present and ever existing. It is you who chooses how to express your Galaxy, your colors, your planets and so on. It is you who decides how your Galaxy lives and evolves. You are the same atoms that make up this galaxy. 

     The role you play in life is not determined by another but by you. You have the same choice on how your Galaxy is formed and how it is expressed. It is the uniqueness of Soul that brings your true light forward. Look around you dear one, the blades of grass dance in the wind just as you do. The flowers reach for the sun just as you do. The birds sing just as you do. The cosmos and mother do not judge your differences, they know these as unique expressions and know them as themselves. Listen to nature dear one, feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin. They do not favor one over another. They shine just as they are for all to experience.

     This is true for you as well dear one. You do not need to pretend, you do not need to shy away. You are magical and you are divine like all life around you. See yourself as one with this life. Notice how the aura's of life around you work with yours, view the thread that weaves the web of life and know that you are. You are present with all that is and the illusion of separation is only a perception. You may not look like the blades of grass but you are made of similar DNA and you feed one another. Remember dear one, when you feel alone and separate that you are the magic of the Cosmos and elements of Earth. You are connected to everything in the web of life and that lonely is a choice. Sit with Father Sun and recharge your battery. Sit with Mother Earth and let her heal your pain. You and life are one in the same, shine your unique expression of it.