Communicating with Plant Life


     As May is connecting with nature month in my Journaling for Balance Series I have been sitting in nature open to receive with more intention on really listening. Much of the time I channel in the comfort of the air conditioning but sitting, open to receive and truly listening to nature has opened up my eyes far more about how we are all connected more than I had realized. Here is what I heard from the plant life around me.

     Let the new growth inside you emerge. Allow the dreams and secrets kept close to your heart blossom in all their beauty. You go through cycles of death and rebirth just as we do. We are not afraid to show our nature, it is as though we wear our hearts on our sleeves. Our new growth is seen and our death and decay is seen. When we shine we do not worry if our shine is brighter than another. We do not worry if our blossoms are more colorful or more fragrant, we just allow. We know that our blossoms compliment the blossoms of our neighbors and we together make up the beauty of this garden. 

     We have cycled since the dawn of Earth, we are your oldest friends and a friend to all. It is us you see when you look out your window in the morning as you greet the day. It is us who shade you from the elements. Some of you have such an affinity for some of us that you nurture and pay special attention to our needs. We, as your oldest ancestor want you to know that it is with love that we come together. We see how you feed us and us you in return. This is a relationship that balances. We send you healing energy through our leaves and you feed our leaves with yours. 

     Our roots in the soil communicate with all of life around you. We are connected far greater than you may know. We ask you to hear our message as we lead by example. We honor and allow our cycles of death and rebirth. We honor and allow our true beauty to shine despite how our neighbors look. We do not judge, we allow. We heal with our presence and inspire beauty with our bloom. We emerge and shine through the sun, we shed as the cool autumn winds blow and we recouporate in the rich soil as the ground blankets with snow. When the time of the Sun and birds comes, we blossom and shine again. 

     Allow your true beauty to shine and honor the cycles within you. We are not so different, although your roots are mobile. We all experience these changes. With proper care and nutrients you too flourish at your best. Connect with us and let your mobile roots feel into the rich soil. Let us be connected again as a part of Gaia. We are all an aspect of her beauty and magnificence. We all share similar components. We are all related, all one in the glorious exsistance.

     Let us feed you as you feed us. Let us communicate again, and work in partnership for the truest beauty to shine. We want you to remember resiliancy. Remeber that within the soil lies dormant the roots to shine forth when spring emerges. Remember this resiliency within yoursrelf when you feel low. Remember that there is a time of germination and you will rise again. Stick your roots in the soil and connect again. The nurturing you need is here. Honor your cycles and honor your bloom. 


Alyssa MillerComment