As I was sitting down to channel this morning the first word I heard was permission. Its funny how complex such a simple word can be. I hope this message helps give insight to anybody who may need it. 

     For many, authority is misplaced, looking outside yourself for allowance, acceptance and permission. It is as though you hold more concern for the opinions of others that you do not truly look within at yourself. Who has the authority in your life? Who is the one who makes the decision to be, to act a certain way or to eat a certain thing? The answer my dear is you.

     You are the authority in your life. It is you who is responsible for you. It is you who is responsible for your actions and choices and above all, it is you who is responsible for your happiness. Do not look without for your authority. Who is it that knows you, your desires, wants and needs better than you? You do not need permission from others to live the life you were born to live.You chose to incarnate, you chose your features, your family, your friends and many of your circumstances. You can not blame another for your life nor should you give another authority to tell you how to live and experience it. You dear one, are the only authority you need and therefor the only one to grant permission is you and you alone. 

     A life lived guided by the hand of another takes you along for their journey. What about your own? Will you walk together side by side? separate? Will you hold your own energy or follow attached to another? When you were young, you listened to and obeyed your authority figures. They guided your hand until the time came for you to own your power and walk side by side with them. You were lead until the time came for you to own your actions and to take responsibility for those actions. This is not to say that you can not seek advice or help from an elder but, it is to say that you alone make your decisions and carry them through. You do not need the permission from another. You are your own authority. 

     Look at the word permission, the key word is mission. Your life, your journey and your mission is acted out by you. It is experienced by you. You are the one who walks your path, you needn't be lead by another unless you so choose. When I tell you this dear one, that you need no permission to be, to act, to live a certain way, how do you feel? Does this speak truth within you? It is for you to decide.

     Give yourself the permission, everyday if you feel its needed, to live your life for you, to choose for you and to experience for you. Your journey, your mission, is yours alone. Enjoy the beauty, the friends and the family along the way and own your authority. Know dear ones that *to thine own self be true* are some of the wisest words ever spoken. You are your authority. You are the one who grants permission.

     Many blessings to you on your mission dear ones.


* Quote from the play Hamlet written by William Shakespeare*

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