The Experience of Life


Here is this weeks Monday Message!

     There is nothing you must do on a daily basis. You are here to experience the human incarnation. Moment by moment and choice by choice your day starts and ends, and during that day...what did you do? If the answer you say is nothing than know that even for one day, you allowed your soul to experience. There is no list of tasks that you must complete to experience life. It is in the moments and the breaths you take that allows yourself to be, to experience. 

     You experience life, even in the "dull" moments you are magnificent. To be and to breathe another moment is a blessing and an experience. You see dear ones, your soul experiences far greater than your bodies receptivity. Did you know that a "dull" day is still an experience for the soul? It is OK to just be. You do not have to live task by task, rushing to get the list of chores done dear ones. Your incarnation is an experience to be enjoyed. It is not the monotonous list of tasks to do that makes up your life. It is sitting with the sunrise and enjoying the beauty as the world greets another day. It is laying under the night sky and admiring the vast beauty. It is the nature walk, smelling the flowers and hearing the wind through the trees.

     You see dear ones, your life is the experience of the moments. The moments that bring you to awe and the moments when you sense the divine connection in all things. It is not the education that makes the life experience. One does not require high levels of education to experience life, nor does this make them a more valuable life over another. The rabbit may experience a beautiful life, just as the human. Who is to say which has a better life? A better experience? who is more valuable? Each Soul contributes to the growth and evolution on your planet and each life is valuable. 

     Do not put so much pressure on yourself dear ones. Those "dull" moments of life where you did "nothing" that day still creates an experience for your souls growth. You do not have to "be something great" to enjoy and experience life. It is your gift. All you have to do is remember that you are great as you are and that life is make up of experienced moments. One lives a greater and deeper experience when they are present in the moment, when they breathe the love into their lings and exhale it back to the universe.

     Never is a day wasted when you live and breathe from the love of the soul that you are. Walk in beauty dear ones. Know that love is all around you and no day is a waste. Breathe in the day and shine forward the love that you are.  


Alyssa MillerComment