Embracing Light


Here is this weeks channeling.

     When you embrace the light before you, it enhances your essence. When you follow the light before you it casts a shadow from your physical form. The shadow is always cast behind you as a reminder to walk the light before you not, to focus on what is behind you. When you allow the true essence of you to embrace the light no shadow is cast at all. All is illuminated and shadow is nowhere to be seen. Let Shadow remind you to embrace more light.

     Each of you so unique, so beautiful. When was it that you got trapped in the shadow that dimmed your light and stole your vision? Why do you focus on what once was, always looking behind you as you walk forward? Your path is before you dear one not behind you. The changes you embrace do not happen behind you, in the past, they happen now and change your future. So much of life is spent looking in the past while desiring a better future. When you fill your mind with what once was, how will you dream your future into being? Do not worry of past mistakes, past triumphs or losses, your life is now and is being paved forward.

     You must embrace the essence of you in physical form, the essence of you casts no shadow. It just illuminates and reflects more light. It is when you embrace the physical that you develop shadow, that you develop doubt, fear, sorrow and anger. All of these emotions serve to push you, to help you grow but, can stifle you when left holding them for too long. You can use these emotions as a catalyst for change, they are uncomfortable as to show you how to be comfortable in change and with change. They show you how to embrace now and how to look forward.

     We have told you before dear ones, that your life is made up of moments. Single moments at a time that echo through the Universe singing your song. In those moments you have a choice to embrace more light from the true essence of you or, to focus on what is behind you. To be human is to hold a shadow but, you do not need to let that shadow guide you. All you must do is follow your light, embrace it every opportunity you get and watch as the shadow begins to fade until all you can see is the Luminous light you are as well as the beautiful path before you.

     Love yourself dear ones, love everything about you. Know that you are not the judgements placed on you by yourself or by others. Know that you are a luminous being of pure love and beauty and let your light shine in every moment. Live the true essence that is you and allow that light to cast away any darkness or shadow you may be experiecing. This is your journey, your experience, live it from the true essence of your being.

Alyssa MillerComment