The Well within You

Monday messages are back again!

Here is a channeling about our spiritual support and our higher self.


     The love you seek is already inside you. The peace you seek is a well within you that you can return to and drink from when, you take those moments to look within yourself. All you have and all you ever need springs forth from this well. The peace you seek does not come from the forest around you or, the ocean water at your feet. These places serve to help you walk to the well within you.

     The human experience is not taken lightly by each soul that choose the path. So magnificent and beautiful it can be yet, so alone you can feel when you forget your way to the well. Dear ones, you leave us only temporarily and what a surprise it is when you realize that we never leave you on your journey. At times you know this to be true but, to feel us around you, guiding you, blessing and protecting you, that is the familiar you seek.

     Know dear ones, you may look with your human eyes and see no one around you but, with your spirit eye, you are encompassed in loving guidance. Do not let the human perception of loneliness bring your energy down. We are right beside you. We hear you and we comfort you, will you go to the well within you and be open to listen? Will you drink from the water and receive what you have been asking for? You see beautiful ones, we are here to help you. The question for you is, are you ready to receive it? Are you open to drink from the waters and be healed?

     It is you who walks the human path. You never walk this path alone even when you perceive it this way. The army that walks beside you is far greater than the humans perception. Come back to the well within you. Walk the path back to the soul and see its reflection looking back at you. Greet this reflection and know that this is your soul, the higher self of you. The greater knowledge, the greater wisdom in which you are connected to. Connecting to your higher self is connecting to all of creation. All that does exist, all that did once thrive and all that is soon to be.

     To connect to your higher self, to drink from the well is to remember that you are far more than your perception and that all the answers you seek come from this place. You are the magic within you. You are the alchemist of your life. You dear one, are the one who has it all. What is it you desire? Go to the well within you, speak to the waters and allow the answers to flow to you as you drink from this well.

     Remember dear ones, you are always enough. The love and support around you sees you no differently. With love we guide you and in love we bless you. Live your true beauty and shine the magnificent lights you are. We are right beside you every step of the way. Go forward fearlessly with love.


Alyssa MillerComment