Opening the Doors to Abundance

Hello everyone!

This weeks message is what my guides shared with me in response to opening up more abundance in life. This ties into week 3 in my Journaling for Balance series on youtube. The video is placed at the bottom of this channeling. 

     When one knows their place in the Universal flow, the doors to Abundance open effortlessly.  It is you my child, who walks the hallway deciding which doors are open and which are not. It is you who decides which doors are opened slightly and which are sealed shut. It is up to you to face each door and take the effort needed to open it or to close it. When you reach a door you seek to open, the power is within you to do so. 

     You are a child of the Universe. Nothing is outside of your grasp. When you reach a door you seek to open and you find it difficult, it is time for you to understand why this door has been closed. What is it that has closed the flow of this abundant energy? What belief or conditionin within you has kept this flow of energy from entering your life? To open this door you must face the judgement of yourself. You must see and understand why this door has been closed to you. Only after you understand will this door open to you. 

     Dear one, it is you who has the choice to open all the doors or to close all doors. It is up to you which ones are open part way and which ones are sealed shut. Throughout many lifetimes you walk the infinite hall, opening and closing doors to help you experience each incarnation. Some doors may be closed for reasons you saw fit lifetimes ago. Some are open that you may feel need to be closed. All of these choices are yours alone to make. No other can open or close a door for you. 

     These doors show where you are in relation to the Universal flow. These doors show you your beliefs, desires, wants and needs. All of which can be altered by you at any time. You will find that the more harmoniously you are in flow with the Universe, the less effort it will take to open and close the doors in your hallway. When you accept your place in this Universal flow, you will be able to really know the magic of the Universe and the magic of you. Do not let anything hold you back dear one. Accept that each choice is yours and yours alone to make.

     Break through limiting beliefs and conditioning, it does not serve you. You are infinite just as the Universe is. Know and accept the magic and you will see these doors that once looked so difficult to open, swing open in a single breath. Love yourself unconditionally as we love you and know that again, nothing is outside of your grasp. Take your place in the Universal flow and let it help you flourish and grow.

With love.



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