The Observer (a peaceful heart)


This message came in quite strongly this morning and I felt it is necessary to share it with all of you. ♡

   Keeping a peaceful heart involves discipline. This is a discipline of not being consumed by the emotions that you feel but, rather observing them. Being aware of your emotions is one thing, being consumed by them is another. It is when you're in the space of observing that you can hold a peaceful heart and yet still understand all the emotions and what it is that you are going through. You are not the emotions that you feel, you are a peaceful soul of Love & Light.

     It is when you feel emotions so strongly that they can consume you, they take you to a place that can be dark or can be light depending on the emotions that you align with. When you allow yourself to sit in anger, it bothers you, it eats away at your peace. It can create a rage within your stomach, your heart, and your mind.

     Stepping back and being The Observer of these emotions prevents you from living in a place of discomfort. It helps you to understand The Human Experience, to enjoy The Human Experience. It is so funny the things that can entangle within your emotions, getting wrapped up in it can feel so silly after all is said and done. You realize that it wasn't as bad as you thought it to be. With everything in this world dear ones, everything changes. 

     Change is a constant part of the way of being. Knowing that change is a constant part of a way of being there is light at the end of the tunnel. When you feel consumed by emotions of sadness, grief, and anger know, there's light at the end of the tunnel and that everything will change as it does and, as it always has. So when you want to be peaceful in your heart, it is a choice that you make.

     It is as though you choose to live from the higher part of you and accept that in versus accepting in, the emotional state of being. You must remember dear ones, that you are soul incarnate into physical form and it is the soul that animates the body. You are soul, you are either, you are Cosmos and physical form and that nothing is out of your grasp. We are here to teach you the tools to help you live from that higher space, that higher life, that higher energy that lives within you.

     We are here to help you find that space and to see yourself as you truly are, a magnificent beautiful light. It is so funny, when you put on the skin how the mind can take over and how everything feels so raw and real. Dear one, everything changes, the anger you feel today may not be there tomorrow and any emotion of discomfort you feel in this moment can be subdued by finding that place within yourself that is your peace, that is your comfort, that is the higher aspect of you. When you keep in mind that everything changes and that change is constant, it awakens your awareness to live within each moment and to enjoy each moment, to look at the sunrise in the sunset a little differently. To view each day with new possibilities, with endless possibilities.

     You are the driver of your life and we tell you this and, we tell you this. It is you who gets to enjoy this human experience, it is you who gets to pave the path before you, and it is you who makes the choices. So make the choice to be peaceful, to live in joy, to learn from the emotions but do not let them consume you. When you find the space of Peace within you, spend time each day connecting in this space, let the space within you grow bigger and expand farther. Let it be the space that you go to instead of dwelling in anger, sadness, or grief and discomfort, it is not to say to deny those emotions they can be great, great triggers for change. It is to say to not let them consume you, to be all encompassing and to forget that beautiful space within you. That piece of who you are. 

     Allow yourself dear ones, to understand that your choices are exactly that, they are your choices and that includes the emotions you choose to live with, you choose to live in. With so many tools and so much magic at your disposal, please understand that the discipline of observing before taking action is so vital. In the steps that you take moving forward, observe before taking action. This gives you potential for greater change and can pave a better path before you. Next time you are angry, or overwhelmed with sadness, feel that emotion, then let it go. Do not let it consume you. Do something to distract yourself, do something that brings you great joy. It reminds you that life is beautiful and that with everything this too will change.

     When you are the Observer, it helps you see the change and pave the path for the life that you want to live be that more peaceful, more joyous, whatever it is that you may desire. Know that it is your choices and when you are observing, it can help you make a better choice for yourself. It is with love dear ones that we come forward to share this with you. We want to remind you that there is so much magic and love within you and that you are not the emotions you feel on a day to day basis. You are the bright shining stars in the sky that help guide they way for others. That help live and make the beautiful changes that you want to see in this world.

With love dear ones, go forth as your best and highest self.

Alyssa MillerComment