Ancestral Call


It feels like this time of year the voices of the ancestors can be heard just a little louder. I felt guided to sit and listen to the words and share them with you♡

Listen to the call of the ancestors. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the wind. Feel the wind blow through the core of your body and awaken the ancestral cord within you. Let the wind strike this cord and allow it to ring through you. This is the call of the ancestors within you. They speak as the voice within and the voices in the wind.

The blood that flows in your veins is but one aspect of you, these ancestral lines flow like rivers to the ocean. Each river gives blood that lives within you. You are the blood of your ancestors, yet you are far more. You are a child of this Earth. You are a lineage as old as time. It is not just blood that connects us but common ground and sacred soil. To hear the ancestors call is not just to hear from your bloodline but, to listen to the voices who once walked the soil before you.

Know the soil like you know yourself. Listen and learn from the life around you and the life that has walked before you. Humanities evolution begins with the open heart and the ability to listen. The nature around you is a part of you. You share breath with the trees and grow from the nutrients of the soil. All that you are and all that you need live within and around you. Open up your heart to feel the connection.

Breathe in the life around you and exhale in beauty knowing your breath feeds another. Touch the land and feel who you are. You are created of this soil by eating from it. You are so much greater than what you perceive and the ancestors walk with you. Our songs echo through time and if you listen closely, you can hear our footsteps walk beside you. We are the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers. We are the voices of those who's feet met the soil before you, now we walk delicately beside you. We help you to know the land and to know yourself.

Walk forward with an open heart. Walk forward with open ears to hear our call. Feel the cord struck within you and listen to its ring. We are always listening, always guiding. It is up to you in which way you will walk. Know that with an open heart we can guide you and with open ears we will speak to you. Walk forward proudly beautiful child, you are the evolution of love. You are the evolution of man, yet you will discover you are so much more. Walk in beauty. Walk in peace. We are right beside you.

Alyssa MillerComment