Queen of Wands

This week we welcome the Queen of Wands.



Welcome back!

     The Queen of Wands makes her appearance this week. She is warmth and strength tied in with fertility and a touch of magic. When we see the wands we know it relates to fire and quick moving energy. Her cat is a symbol of her magical fierce side that can come into play when needed. She sits on her lions thrown to symbolize her foundation of strength and power.

     What I feel her message is for us this week is to get in touch with the strong female side of ourselves. She reminds us that with a little fire and drive we can really accomplish great things. At times we have to be fierce to make waves of change. We can be fierce in a loving and compassionate way when we let that fire burn within our heart. I also feel she's a reminder to encompass the magic within us. 

    We are hearing the call to work with the Divine Feminine. To embrace her and know her strengths within ourselves. We all carry aspects of the masculine and feminine energy within us to call upon as we need. This week, let's open up to the vibrancy, the warmth and firey determined energy of the Queen of Wands and let it guide us through our week ahead. We may find that this awakened energy within ourselves is a permanent change for the better. 

Have a great week!☆


Alyssa MillerComment