The Magician

Let's welcome back the Magician.




     The Magician is back again☆ Very fitting to see as we wrap up August, our abundance month. When we see the Magician he reminds us that we are the creators of our future. Being a soul having a human experience we must remember that we are the magic we need to create. As we look at this influence this week, we see the Magician holding a staff in one hand raised above to the heavens while the other hand is pointing to the Earth. This represents as above, so below. 

     When we look at the Magicians table we see he has all the tools he needs to assist in his magic. The infinity loop above his head represents his connection to all that is. With his tools and clear intention, he calls out the magic within him to create the change he wants in his life. The big thing we have to remember is that we are the ones who open the doors. It is up to us to create the changes we want to see in our world. We must remember that we are the Magician, we are the magic♡

     This is perfect to see in our final week as the reminder that we are the creators of change. We are the keys that unlock the doors. The power we need lives within and all around us, it is up to us to mold that magic into what we need and want it to be. Empower yourself, honor yourself and let your magic flow through you. The abundance is everywhere, don't hold yourself back.

♡Work your magic♡

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