The Emperor

This week we welcome The Emperor.


Welcome back!

The Emperor card this week. When it comes to the Emperor, he is the masculine we turn to for protection and power. He awakens that side of us that comes from strong authority. His influence speaks of hard work, boundaries and stability. He reminds us that these are aspects we can draw owithin ourselves to create in our life.

We are the authority of our journey. There are times in life to observe and be passive yet, there are times we must stand up and be the change we want to see. We have to take our power and create that change. We do ourselves justice when we honor the masculine and feminine within. We have two aspects of great power to draw on, the trick is balancing and knowing which power is right for the time.

Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself, create boundaries and honor the power within you. This is your life and you can make it what you want it to be. We live in a society where is it natural to give our power away and on top of that, take anothers power away. You are the only one who can utilize the power within you.♡Own it♡ Do not give it away. You are much stronger when you honor this aspect within yourself. Owning power does not necessarily mean to dominate over, but to know yourself and to honor what it is you feel/see as right for yourself despite, the thoughts and opinions of others. It's honoring you!

Have a brilliant week and be that powerful being you are, today and everyday forward!

Alyssa MillerComment