Queen of Pentacles

This week we have the Queen of Pentacles.


Welcome back!

The Queen of Pentacles greets us this week. She brings with her nurturing mother energy. She is the equivalent of the working mother. She is practical and provides for earthly needs. She is a great sign of success and prosperity. Closely relating to the Empress but on a lesser scale. The Queen of Pentacles is that mothers comfort and nurturing we still look back on and how it helped shape who we are today. The influence of our own mothers♡

What I feel this card is saying to us this week is to blossom♡ to grow and to not be afraid to break through the soil and reach the Sun. It's OK to stay in the comfort of the soil but, to blossom we must break through the crust and reach toward the sun. We need what the Earth provides and yet we must be willing to breakout of our comfort zone to achieve greater things.

I also feel that this is a hats off to balancing all the roles we play in life. In refrence to our Queen of pentalces, she is a mother, nurturing yet she still has a grasp on what it takes to thrive in our Earthly exsistance. She knows how to balance all the hats we wear being human. With that, I feel it's encouragement us to keep moving foward.

It can be hard when we juggle with so many things but, what a great reminder of how incredible and multifaceted we are. This week let's give ourselves the same love and nurturing we share with others. Sometimes we have to take that mother role for ourselves and embrace that facet of who we are. We all have that aspect within us to draw upon. Love yourself and be your own cheerleader. You got this! You may find that the nurturing spills over onto others♡ In my opinion, love is all that really matters when all is said and done♡ spread the love!

Be kind to yourself and others♡ let your heart shine♡

Alyssa MillerComment