The World

This week we have The World card.


Welcome back!

The world card brings us completion, a time of integrating and for some, could speak of traveling. Last week we were looking at standing our ground and fighting the battles necessary to hold true to our truth. This week we are being asked to integrate, to let what has happened sink in and learn from it. When we see the world card it also tell's us that something big is coming to a close. This tends to be major life themes or lessons.

Major themes and life lessons change how we experience and view life moving forward. This is not always something negative where we must find the diamond in the rough, it can be blessings, something that helps boost our faith and hope. I also feel the message to look at life (w)holistically. To look at how we integrate all aspects of our life (the whole) and where we can make changes to help us live our deepest truth. Are we walking our talk? Are we examples of integrity?

This is a great time to reflect and integrate all that has happened this year. As we draw close to welcoming 2019 we must remember that each day of 2018 will not come again. Each day is an opportunity to do something different, and to walk truer into the life we want for ourselves. We may stumble here and there but, the key is to keep moving forward.

Enjoy each day, live and learn!

Walk in beauty and love♡

See you next week!

Alyssa MillerComment