The Hierophant

This week we have The Hierophant.


Welcome back!

This week we have the energy of The Hierophant. His energy is that of a religious figure, much like seeking out the help from a Pastor, Pope, or Reverend. He is the one who counsel's and guides those in need of spiritual wisdom and refuge. He is also known for keeping tradition and providing a place of institution for those in need.

When I connect to this weeks card I feel it is calling us to seek out fatherly wisdom. To remember that we do not ever go our journey alone. We have guides who are always ready to share their wisdom and guidance to help us through our darker times. I feel so drawn to the keys under the Hierophants feet. I feel that speaks to unlocking the strength and wisdom we each carry within us. This card traditionally speaks of seeking out the counsel of an elder in human form but, I feel that our elders are also our ancestors who have walked before. For some this may be a calling to seek like minded institutions to help guide you. Maybe going back to church or a weekly gathering with spirit or a spiritual community is the answer. For some this may be a calling to reach out for ancestral wisdom. When you listen with your heart, you will hear it's guidance and know what is for you.

Take some time this week and connect with your spiritual or religious practices. Do them with deep thoughtful intention. Be present. Connect with fatherly guidance and strength. Remember that we are souls having a human experience and connect with who you truly are. We sometimes forget that we are not here alone even when our eyes tell us differently. Look with the eyes of the soul, you will know that you are never truly alone and that love and guidance are ever present. Take the time to connect, It's up to us to be open to hear the wisdom.

Lots of love♡

Alyssa MillerComment