10 of Cups

This week we have the 10 of Cups!


Welcome back!

What a great card to receive! The 10 of Cups is about joyous times, happiness and emotional contentment. This is the most positive card of the tarot! We see kids playing and the happy couple celebrating under a rainbow. Lands are green and the future looks fruitful and bright.

Much of 2018 has been full of radical shifts. For many of us that includes our personal lives and not just global changes. As I tune into this weeks message I feel the rainbow is the significator. The words I hear are hope and celebration. My guides are saying, “So much rain has fallen this year, to the point some feel as though they dont have the energy to keep their head above the flooding waters. Rain is a cleanser dear children and, we want you to know that we see the struggles you have been throug. Now is a time where the waters will dry, the Sun will shine, and the rainbow of hope brings you joy and celebration. The rainbow can not be seen without the Sun to illuminate it's colors, the water still holds its rainbow regardless. Sometimes what is perceived as negative is truly a blessing in disguise. Change is not always an easy transition to navigate and can at times, be hard to handle. For great change to flourish you must see great transition. Remember in times of strife, the water still holds within it the rainbow.”

Feels quite fitting for and end of year energy. I love to see this card because it fills me with hope and tells me great times are ahead. It's like a breath of fresh air! Cheers to a positive week ahead! Let's keep that positive energy rolling through the holidays and into 2019!

Joy, Love and Blessings!

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