Wheel of Fortune

Starting 2019 with a great energy!


Welcome back!

This is a great way to start 2019! Peppermint tea and the Wheel of Fortune, such a great refresh! The Wheel of Fortune card brings us good luck, cycles of change or, it can be considered a turning point for a new direction as well as our friend karma. Having it in it’s upright position gives us the positive flow of this energy.

So, what does this mean for us this week? It means we have the opportunity to alter course if we have been in a place we aren't happy with. It means we have a positive energy flow to tap into to help plot our course for the future. The Wheel of Fortune brings us a boost of positivity to help our flow, like a gust of wind behind our sails. We of course have the potential to change or alter our course at anytime but, this week we have some extra help and what a great energy to have as we welcome a new fiscal year.

Hop into the flow this week, use that gust of wind to guide your ship in the direction you want to go. When we tap into the flow we can be amazed at just how perfectly the waters can guide us to where we want to be. Life will always be an experience, take the power of it and do what makes your soul sing! Sometimes we feel disempowered as life can be difficult and painful. The reality is we have the power over how we react or choose to deal with those difficult times. We can let it bring us down or we can rise above it. We are the ones who experience, we walk the path, it's ultimately a collection of choices and experiences. Knowing this is empowering, it's a reminder that life is yours and you can make it as beautiful as you choose. It's always your choice.make the choices that put you on the path you want to be on.

Tapping into the flow with luck on our side will definitely make for a great week! Set your sights and go for it! Live your beautiful life and bring that vision to reality!

See you next week♡

Alyssa MillerComment